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    The goal of the Infrastructure Management Division (IMD) is to ensure that there is adequate oversight regarding the District’s resources. This oversight includes not only the regular inspection and maintenance of all District-owned drainageways, detention basins and other infrastructure, but also maintenance of the Districts resource library so that all reports, permits, complaints, violations, and other important data is stored electronically and is readily accessible by staff, other County departments and the public.

    Inspection and Maintenance Section

     The District is responsible for maintaining public drainage infrastructure within unincorporated Pima County, including bank protection, drainageways and detention/retention basins.  Since the dedication of drainage infrastructure to the District has been occurring since the District was created in the 1970s, often through subdivision plats or other development plans, IMD staff researches and catalogues District-owned infrastructure for inclusion into the maintenance program. Currently, the District has identified dozens of District-owned detention basins and over 100 drainageways. 

    Inspections are conducted annually, after major or unusual flood events, and in response to Drainage Complaints submitted by the public.  These inspections ensure that the structural integrity of the infrastructure is intact and that the infrastructure continues to function as designed.  Maintenance of public infrastructure is performed as needed based on the results of inspections. 

    In 2015 the District created the Land Stewardship Program to manage all of the District's open space lands. Open space lands are primarily acquired through the Floodprone Land Acquisition Program to protect floodplain functions within the watershed. The goals of the Program are to inventory, monitor, protect, enhance, and restore natural resources on District land to support floodplain function, and the goals of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

    Regulatory and Compliance Section

    The Regulatory and Compliance Section provides environmental compliance support on District projects involving work within Waters of the US as defined by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Regulatory and Compliance officer is responsible for ensuring that the maintenance of existing drainage improvements and the construction of new drainage improvements by the District follows all state and federal guidelines and obtains any necessary permits for the work being done.

    Information Management Section

    The Information Management section supports district efforts by creating and maintaining collections of records. The staff of the section work with other members of the RFCD team to coordinate methods for the storage and retrieval of data in support of the District’s efforts. Included in this work is the creation and maintenance of an increasing number of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data sets that are accessed via the District’s internal MapGuide interface. The Information Management Section is also responsible for the maintenance of the District’s library, which includes electronic versions of the reports generated by the District as well as plans, photos and other records of district activities.

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