Adventures with Calliandra, the Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rat Cut-Out

Meet Calli!

Calliandra Kangaroo Rat (or Calli for short) is very well adapted to living in the hot, dry Sonoran Desert. Her favorite foods are mesquite pods and seeds from desert grasses, but sometimes she snacks on insects or green plants. To keep cool, Calli is nocturnal, meaning she is active at night and sleeps during the day. She has a burrow in the ground next to a fairy duster plant (called Calliandra eriophylla by scientists), which is how she got her name.

Make Your Own Kangaroo Rat

Download the Kangaroo Rat craft template from Learn, Create, Love – who generously gave permission for us to share this with you.

Download the craft instructions and fun facts about Kangaroo Rats: English Version | Spanish Version

Kangaroo Rat Adventures

Calli recently visited Pima County's Feliz Paseos Park to check out the trails, the views, and the plants and wildlife. Where will you and your new Kangaroo Rat friend go to explore?

Share a picture of your own kangaroo rat and see some of Calli’s other adventures on our Facebook page

Calli Kangaroo Rat at Feliz Paseos Park

Calli Kangaroo Rat takes in the view
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