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  • Hillside Development Checklist

    Administrative Review Submittal Requirements

    Note: Bolded items are required for Administrative Completeness determination when applicable to project.

    Standard of Quality

    • Due to the complexities associated with Hillside Development Zone (HDZ) requirements, the services of a designer thoroughly familiar with the intent of the ordinance shall be required. Incomplete submittals shall not be accepted.
    • Inadequate/incorrect submittals shall be assessed a minimum fee of $232 in addition to the base HDZ/grading fee.

    Required Submittal Items

    I Completed HDZ Worksheet

    II Grading plans clearly indicating the following:

    • Limit of clearly defined grading area with calculations of proposed and allowable grading, including grading increases
    • Existing topography with a minimum of two foot contours within disturbed areas
    • Finished floor elevations
    • Location of all proposed structures, including fences, walls, pool, septic system and utilities
    • Existing and proposed grade elevations
    • Drawing scale and north arrow
    • Property dimensions
    • Driveway location and extent of paving
    • Methods of stabilization on graded areas and slopes:
      • 3H:1V = Revegetate Slopes
      • 3H:1V-1.5 H:1V = Rip Rap
      • 1.5:1V-1H:1V =Grouted Rip Rap
      • Steeper than 1:1 = Engineering
    • Dedicated natural area (surveyed and recorded), if required
    • Plant benches and landscape mitigation, if required
    • Cross sections through the site indicating building height and combined exposed slopes
    • Complete set of construction plans
    • Native Plant Preservation Plan, if needed
    • Color palette and light reflectivity value (LRV) for exposed structures

    Reference Documents & Worksheet

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