Grading Requirements

Administrative Review Submittal Requirements

Note: Bolded items are required for Administrative Completeness determination when applicable to project.
Alert!! Depending on project scope, your application may require prior approval of separate external department processes from Regional Flood Control District (RFCD), Regional   Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD), Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) or Department of Transportation (DOT).

Type I Grading Permit Required for:

Single dwelling residential development on a single lot with a graded area of 14,000 square feet or more.
Nonresidential development which does not require a subdivision plat or development plan
Stockpiling of between 100 cubic yards and 50,000 cubic yards of material.
Grading which requires a permanent cut or fill slope greater than 5 feet in height and  steeper than 3:1 slope.
Grading on a slope of 15% or greater.
More than 3,000 square feet of new pavement.

Type 2 Grading Permit Required for:

  • Development which requires a subdivision plat or development plan.
  • Stockpiling of more than fifty thousand cubic yards of material.

Fugitive Dust Permit

  • A fugitive dust permit is required if greater than 1 acre of surface is stripped, if greater than 300 ft of trench is cut or if blasting is conducted.
  • Fugitive dust permits may be obtained from Pima County Department of Environmental Quality.

Activities Exempt from Grading Permitting:

  • Residential development on a single non-hillside lot, with a development envelope of less than 14,000 square feet.
  • The subsequent expansion on a non-hillside lot, by less than 25% and not violating the spirit of the grading ordinance, of an exempted or approved graded area.
  • The clearing, brushing or grubbing of an area of less than 14,000 square feet, on a non-hillside lot.
  • Resurfacing or maintenance of an existing paved surface.
  • New pavement of less than 3,000 square feet.
  • Excavation below finished grade for a basement, foundation, wall or swimming pool authorized by a building permit or zoning construction permit.
  • Removal of selected individual plants for storage and replanting. This shall not exempt clearing, brushing or grubbing.
  • Grading for maintenance of existing private access road or driveway.
  • Grading on a non-hillside lot for an appurtenant access or utility easement.

Obtaining a Grading Permit

  • Site Plan Checklist:
    • Limit of graded area, clearly marked
    • Location of all proposed structures, including fences, walls, pool, septic system and utilities
    • Existing and proposed grade elevations
    • Height and steepness of cut and fill slopes
    • Finished floor elevation
    • Scale and north arrow
    • Adjacent street names
    • Property dimensions
    • Extent of paving
    • Driveway location
    • Methods of stabilization on graded areas and slopes (rip rap slopes steeper than 3H: 1V, re-vegetate slopes 3H: 1V or less)
    • Natural area, if needed
  • Submit for permit online or in person at 201 N. Stone Ave.
Grading requirements

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