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Requesting Inspections

Pima County provides clients with two options for scheduling inspections: traditional field inspection and  remote inspection using Skype on a smart phone. The purpose of the Remote Inspection Program is to provide an alternative to field inspections for situations requiring more prompt service or when a specific inspection time is desired. See also Custom or Same-day field inspection below.

Requesting Remote Inspections

The Remote Inspection page provides the details for the set up and scheduling of just in time remote inspection using Skype on a smart phone

Requesting Field Inspections

The IVR callers, using a touch tone phone may:
  • Schedule inspections
  • Cancel inspections
  • Hear inspection results (alternatively, inspection results may be viewed online. Use the search box in the upper right of the screen).
*Exceptions to regular business day inspection schedule:
  • Ajo, Why & Lukeville areas: Tuesdays only
  • Arivaca, Sasabe areas: Wednesdays only
  • Mt. Lemmon areas: Thursdays only
Before calling 520-724-6970 you will need to prepare:
  • Your 10-digit permit activity
  • The 4-digit inspection code(s) located on your inspection card (If you have an old permit with 5-digit inspection codes, please delete the leading "0").
Note that letters in the permit number need to be ignored.  Enter numbers only! (i.e., “P12CP00001” should be entered as “1200001”).

Easily avoided problems:

  • Prepare for your inspection by consulting Inspection Requirements
  • Make sure the site address is clearly posted.
  • If you need to leave a gate code listen for the prompt to "leave a message for your inspector".

IVR Contact Information

Pima County Inspections - 724-6970.  Technical Problems with IVR - 724-6490
Remember to Press:
  • 1 for Building Permit
  • 2 for Septic Permit
  • 3 for Site  Permit
  • 4 for Building/Site Combination Permit 

IVR Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get a busy signal?
A busy signal means that all lines are in use. This may occur during the peak times of 2:30 – 4 p.m. Please try again.

What do conditions attached to my permit mean and why can’t I proceed with my inspections?
Conditions are requirements that you must meet in order to be in compliance with various building codes, zoning codes, ordinances and policies. These conditions and their descriptions are located on your permit.

What is a Prior to Final?
A Prior to Final Inspection (P2F) Condition needs to be satisfied before you can schedule final inspection.

What if I need to cancel my inspection?
An inspection must be cancelled before 4 p.m. on the business day prior to the inspection day. Inspections cancelled after 4 p.m. will be assessed a reinspection fee.

When I call, how soon will my inspection be?
The inspections are made on the next working day after you call and request them. There is a 4 P.M. cut off for next day inspections. This means if you call before 4 P.M. on Monday the inspection will be scheduled for Tuesday.

How do I contact the inspector?
The inspector supervisor accept calls at 724-6716 Monday through Friday.

What time will my inspector be at my property?
Building inspections are scheduled between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Due to the large number of inspections scheduled each day and the distance between the inspections, we are unable to accommodate specific time requests.

Will my inspector call me before he shows up?
No, unless the inspector needs to call for directions, or if a message and phone number has been left while scheduling the inspection.

Did I pass my inspection?
see inspection results at "View Inspection Summary" at  The help guide shows how.

Did the IVR schedule my inspection?
It was scheduled if you received a confirmation number afterwards or scheduled inspections may be viewed online at   First time users of, see this help guide.

What inspection do I schedule next?
 This is dependent on your permit.  Inspection information may be found within the Inspection Requirements document.

Custom or Same-day field inspections

Clients seeking a custom field inspection such as a week-end, a specific time, or same-day shall call the Building Inspection Supervisor at 724-6716. There may be an additional charge for custom field inspections.
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