Electric Reconnects

Administrative Review Submittal Requirements

Note: Bolded items are required for Administrative Completeness determination when applicable to project.
  • Alert!! Depending on project scope, your application may require prior approval of separate external department processes from Regional Flood Control District (RFCD), Regional   Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD), Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) or Department of Transportation (DOT).

Utility Requirements

  • Electric utility companies require an electrical clearance from unincorporated Pima County when:
    • Electrical service has been disconnected as the result of a fire.
    • Electrical service to a residential house or well has been disconnected for 3 years or more
    • Electrical service to a commercial or industrial building has been disconnected for one year or more

How Does one obtain an electric clearance

  • Apply for and have an electric reconnect permit issued
  • Prepare electric service for an inspection
  • Schedule an inspection to have the electrical service inspected.

Obtaining the permit

  • First you need to apply for the permit. This can be accomplished:
    • At Building Safety (201 N. Stone Ave)
    • Online
    • Over the phone when you live out of state
  • Information required when applying for the permit
    • Residential Electrical Service < 600 amps single phase or 225 amps three phase
    • Property address
    • Contact information of person responsible for the inspection
  • Commercial Electrical Service
    • Property address
    • Contact information of person responsible for the inspection
    • Reason for electrical reconnect
  • Permit will be issued after all applicable information has been provided and reviewed.

Preparing electric service for inspection

  • Access to the following items will be required to complete the inspection
    • Expose grounding electrode system
      • If ground rods, expose both ground rods and  grounding conductor where it connects to ground rods
      • Ensure grounding conductor is bonded correctly to panel.
      • Ensure gas and water lines, if applicable, are bonded to the service
      • Ensure all openings in panel are blanked off.
      • All circuits in the panel are labeled.
  • If you do not understand the requirements above, it is strongly suggested that you hire an electrician to prepare the service for inspection.
  • Please ensure these items have been completed prior to scheduling an inspection as electric reconnect permit fees only cover costs for a single inspection. A re-inspection fee shall be assessed for additional inspections

Scheduling an inspection

Visit the Building Inspection Portal to schedule your inspection.

Inspection Results

  • Pass/fail information may be obtained through the IVR or inspection results may be viewed online (Use the search box in the upper right of the screen).

Same day service upgrade

  • If you need an inspection the same day that the electric service is being installed, you need to:
    • Coordinate disconnect times with the electric utility company.
    • When applying for the permit, let permitting staff member know that the project is a same day reconnect.
    • Schedule a just in time remote inspection using Skype.
      • Alternatively: the afternoon before the work is taking place, contact the Chief Building Inspector at 520-724-6487 to let him know your time frames for the same day reconnect.
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