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Approved LOMRs CLOMRs and LOMAs

LOMAs generally amend the FEMA FIRM floodplain information for a single parcel or a small group of parcels.  LOMRs physically revise flood hazard limits and/or base flood elevations.  Although the Pima County Regional Flood Control District has researched the LOMAs and LOMRs for the Cities of Tucson and South Tucson, The Towns of Marana, Oro Valley and Sahuarita, the District is not the official map repository for these communities.  As such, the LOMA and LOMR information contained on this site for those communities may be incomplete.  Users are encouraged to also inquire with their local Floodplain Management Agency or review the map data at the FEMA Map Service Center

LOMAs and LOMRs may be accessed through the MapGuide application. To access them, use the search feature below to access MapGuide and select a LOMA or LOMR visually from the MapGuide application.  For LOMAs the layer to select from is “LOMC/LOMA/LOMR-F Excluded Structures of Parcels”.  For LOMRs the layer to select from is “LOMR Revisions – Completed”.   In order to select the LOMA or LOMR, it may be necessary to turn other layers off, such as the parcels layer. If, when hovering the pointer over the LOMA or LOMR on the map, the yellow maptip text pop up provides information about the LOMA or LOMR, then double click over the LOMA/LOMR area to get a PDF document of the actual LOMA/LOMR.

Be aware that when the “LOMR Revisions – Completed” layer is turned on the Flood Hazard Zones are partially masked.

The following case number search displays the PDF document directly, without using a map.