Connecting with Others on Alternate Modes

Alternate Mode List Serves

Bike thereWant to be in-the-know about urgent transit announcements or upcoming bike events? Sign up to receive occasional timely information and announcements about your alternate mode(s) of interest. 

Email and ask to be placed on any of the following lists:
  • Transit - last minute bus route detours, route changes, public meetings, events
  • Bike - bike challenges/contests, local bike events, bike news
  • Carpool/Vanpool - alt mode events and challenges, potential new carpool matching software
  • Walk - alt mode events and challenges/contests

Commuter Trips & Tips

Want to connect with other "like-moded" employees? Join our employee Commuter Trips & Tips Facebook group and connect with other employees about commute related topics. Share information, ask questions, join the discussion to help yourself and others have rewarding commute experiences.