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  • Pima County’s new Intranet is going live

    The Information Technology Department has completed its pilot testing of a new County Intranet and is ready to make the page available to all departments. The new site launches Oct. 26 and features an easy-to-navigate, searchable interface that is mobile-friendly.

    The most significant improvement is the ability for departments to easily update and change department intranet pages themselves. Web IT will be migrating all existing Intranet content to the new Intranet page and departments will be trained over the course of the next several months on how to update their pages.

    The Intranet is the most important communications tool the County has for its employees. It contains important training guides and documents, policies and procedures, health and safety requirements and other information we all need to be informed and effective County employees.

    “We are excited for this long and overdue redesign of our intranet and look forward to future improvements and features. We want to thank you for being patient with us during this time,” said Dan Hunt, Chief Information Officer.

    What's different since the test began?

    Since the soft-launch of the new site back in February, IT has had a chance to experience the new platform and make adjustments. In addition to upgrading to a new, better version, IT has rebuilt the platform from the ground up, giving more control over future enhancements and allowing it to customize how editors update content. The look and feel has remained the same, but additional enhancements have been made specifically with editing capabilities and Active Directory integration.

    What does this mean for Intranet users?

    Users visiting the Pima County intranet site, either intranet.pima.gov or intranettest.pima.gov, will be automatically redirected to the new design. This includes the intranet home page, department resource pages, and phone directory. Our team will be providing a user guide to these main areas to help users with the transition. 

    The following departments have also been migrated to the new design: ADG, Finance, GMI and HR.

    When will my department get a new Intranet page? 

    IT will begin meeting departments to review their intranets and schedule their migration after the go-live date.

    Training Department Editors

    Any departments with an intranet presence that wish to make edits to their intranet website can be included in our training. We will start scheduling training in November for classes in December and January.

    If you have questions or feedback about the new Intranet page, send them to webteam@pima.gov.
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