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  • Drainage Complaint Form

    Please use the form below to submit a drainage complaint.

    Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
    Drainage Complaint


    Date:    Daytime Phone:  

    Name: *  

    Address: *    City: *  

    State: *    Zip code: *  


    Were you referred by another department? *   Yes   No

    If yes, which department:  


    1.  Location of drainage problem
    Drainage Cause Completed check: 

    a.  Complaint tax code/address: * 

    If no address, the drainage problem is located near the cross streets of:

    Describe the location of the problem in relation to the location information above: *

    b.  Responsible party tax code/address: * 

    2.  Is the problem related to recent development?*  Yes    No   If no, skip to question 3.

    a.  Who caused the drainage problem?

    b.  Cause of the drainage problem (check all that apply):

    3.  Is the problem within a basin or wash in an existing subdivision?*  Yes    No   If no, skip to question 4.

    a.  Name of subdivision:   

    b.  Is the cause of the drainage problem (please check all that apply):

    4.  Is the problem within a major watercourse?*  Yes    No   If no, skip to question 5.

    a.  Is the cause of the Watercourse Problem (please check all that apply):

    5.  Impact of drainage problem:
    Flood or erosion damage to a structure*   Yes    No     
    Flood or erosion damage to fence or wall*   Yes    No     
    Flood or erosion damage to a driveway, yard, or pool*   Yes    No     
    Ponding or erosion damage concerns*   Yes    No     
    If structure is flooded, is it primary residence*   Yes    No     
    Do you have Flood insurance?*   Yes    No     
    6.  Summary of complaint

    a.  Briefly describe the drainage problem:* 


    Referred from Page: 

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