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  • Floodplain Use Permit Application Form

    Please use the form below to submit a Floodplain Use Permit Application.
    Additional supporting documentation will be required.

    Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
    Floodplain Use Permit Form


    Address or Tax Code Completed check: 
    ** Either the Tax Code or Project Site Address is required.



    IF THIS PERMIT IS FOR A WALLED/ROOFED STRUCTURE, THE METHOD OF ELEVATION AND FOUNDATION PROTECTION MUST BE INDICATED BELOW (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY). If the structure is a residence with an attached garage, is the garage FFE as measured at the garage door below the elevation of the residence?
       Yes  No
    Elevated on Fill With
    10 ft. Standard RFCD Design (Select One)

    Elevated on Stem Wall (Not including block skirting) That Is:

    Manufactured Home Elevated on Piers:

    Manufactured Home Skirting Type:


    Undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read the Regulatory Bill of Rights and that the District has provided such information regarding the application process.
    Applicant Signature: *


    Referred from Page: 

    Security Measure

    Technical Policies and Procedures

    The following policies and procedures may be relevant to your project and are provided to help you submit your application with all of the documents and information necessary to process your permit. At minimum, please review Technical Procedure 102 in order to ensure that your site plan contains all necessary information.

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