Build Your Own Presentation

Pick and choose features from different presentations to build an event most suitable to your audience. Contact Karen Wilhelmsen or 724-7449 to discuss logistics.

Air Pictionary

Participants take turns drawing pictures while the rest of the audience guesses what they’re drawing – sources, effects, or solutions to air pollution.

Healthy and Unhealthy Lung Demonstration

Through discussion and the use of healthy pig’s lungs and simulated unhealthy pig’s lungs, the audience discovers more about the health effects of breathing air pollution.

How Green Can You Go?

Through discussion and guided by a worksheet, participants will examine how they use energy in their homes and for transportation, and make a plan to improve energy consumption where warranted.

Little Green Riding Hood

Enjoy a favorite old-time tale in a storytelling format with a green living twist.

The Lorax

Love of Reading Week? Participants enjoy the wondrous world of Truffula Trees and Brown Bar-ba-loots invented by Dr. Seuss to highlight the effects of our use of Earth’s resources.

Stomp Rockets

Have fun with the power of air. Make rockets out of paper, bottle caps, and tape. Go outside and shoot them off using PDEQ’s stomp rocket assemblies.

Storytime – I Face the Wind

Participants listen to the book I Face the Wind and participate in experiments to learn about basic properties of air.

Storytime – Stars Beneath Your Bed

Participants listen to the book Stars Beneath Your Bed, the Surprising Story of Dust, act out dust producing activities, and learn why it is important to keep dust from becoming airborne.

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