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Flecha Caida Estates Floodplain Study

Study status:  Complete 

Flooding and erosion within the Flecha Caida Ranch Estates #9 subdivision during the 2007 summer monsoon season raised the concerns of numerous homeowners who were not aware of the historical drainage problems inherent to the area. The Pima County Regional Flood Control District commissioned this study to (1) address the impact of recent improvements in the drainage area upstream of the study area; (2) provide updated flood-hazard mapping for the area from just upstream of Calle del Pantera to North Flecha Drive, which is where the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) flood plain for the Valley View Wash begins; and (3) identify mitigation measures that could be implemented by the affected homeowners to address their flood/erosion hazards.


Location Map (Figure 1 from the report)


The entire Flecha Caida report is an extremely large document, so to make on-line downloading and viewing more manageable, the report has been divided into separate documents, found below.  Even some of the sections are large files.  If you want the entire report in one document, view the full Flecha Caida Estates Report.



  • Figure 1 - Location Map
  • Figure 2 - 1941 Aerial Photograph
  • Figure 3 - 2007 Topography/2007 Aerial Photograph
  • Figure 4 - Flood Hazard Map
  • Figure 5 - 1998 Streambed Profile versus 2007 Profile (Ranch Estates #9)


  • Appendix A1 - Subdivision Plat Historic Study Excerpts
  • Appendix A2 - 1984 Report Flooding Problems
  • Appendix A3 - 1989 Special Study 12 Hydrology and Mapping
  • Appendix A4 - 1989 Special Study 12 Main Report
  • Appendix A5 - Drainage Basin and Floodplain Exhibits
  • Appendix B - NOAA Atlas 2, Volume VIII (1973) Hydrologic Data Sheets
  • Appendix C - NOAA Atlas 14, Volume I (2006) Hydrologic Data Sheets
  • Appendix D - Development Plans for St. Thomas Church
  • Appendix E - 2007 Topographic Survey Sheets (Cardinal Land Surveying, Inc.)
  • Appendix F - Scour Computation Sheets
  • Appendix G - Guides to Retrofitting Flood Prone Structures