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  • Special Event Permits

    Special Event Permit Office

    Public Works Building
    201 N Stone Av, 4th Floor
    Tucson AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-6410

    If you have questions about obtaining a Special Event Permit or status of your application call (520) 724-6410 or email us.

    Help is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


    Special event permits are required to conduct, manage, or sponsor any organized special event that impacts a public street or the right-of-way in unincorporated Pima County.

    "Special event" shall mean any organized competitive or noncompetitive activity consisting of pedestrian, bicycle or other non-motorized or motorized group that have a mass start or special activity including charitable events, block parties, grand openings, etc., which could interfere with the normal use of any public street or right-of-way within Pima County.

    Examples of special events: organized walks or runs and bicycle rides, block parties, school graduations, parades, …

    Is a special event permit required for my event?

    Yes, if the following are true:

    • Impacting public street(s) or right-of-way with temporary signs, cones or barricades, point control or road closure(s).
    • Considered a special event according to the definition in the Pima County Special Events Ordinance 10.45.
    • Is not a photo shoot or motion picture filming event, for permit related to filming, please contact Pima County Attraction & Tourism (520-724-7355) or Risk Management (520-724-4477)

    Submittal Process

    Special Event Permit applications are submitted through the Permitting Customer Portal

    To start the application process select “Create an Application” from the “Building, Septic, Floodplain, ROW & related Construction Permits” section.

    Applications shall be submitted at least 90 days prior to the special event.

    **Starting in 2021, special events permit applications became an online process only, SEPA forms are no longer required or accepted.

    Administrative Review Requirements 

    Special Event Permit applications are required to have the following documents:

    • Certificate of Insurance (COI): Commercial General Liability insurance with limits not less than $2,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate covering claims arising from bodily injury, including death or property damage alleged to have been caused or contributed to by the special event. “Pima County and its districts” shall be named as additional insureds on the policy. Pima County’s Risk Manager may require increased coverage limits and other types of insurance based upon the nature of the special event.
    • Traffic Control Plan (TCP): The traffic control plan shall be prepared by a barricade company. The TCP will be reviewed by Pima County Department of Transportation special events permitting staff. Every applicant shall, at their own expense, provide the barricades, warning devices, and off-duty law enforcement approved by DOT and PCSD and indicated on the TCP.
    • Point Control as needed: Shall be contracted off-duty law enforcement deputies or officers

    Permit Fee 

    The mandatory permit fee is a non-refundable, $45 application fee that will be invoiced through an email sent to the applicant.

    The fee may be paid:

    1. Online using the link on the invoice
    2. By check made out to Pima County Treasurer sent to Pima County Development Services Department
    3. In-person at the Development Services Desk, 201 N. Stone Ave., 1st Floor, Tucson, AZ 85701

    Issuance of Permit 

    When the permit application has met all of the requirements and the permit application fee has been paid, the permit will be issued for the special event. The permit will be attached to an email sent to the applicant email address.



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    Kathryn Skinner, P.E.

    201 N. Stone Ave., 4th Fl.
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-6410
    Fax: (520) 724-6439

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