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South Tucson Hydrologic and Hydraulic Mapping

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Project Purpose

For more information contact:
Eleonora Demaria, Ph.D., Project Manager
(520) 724-4600

The purpose of this study is to provide 100-year and 10-year peak discharges and associated floodplain boundaries for the City of South Tucson. The City of South Tucson, Arizona has identified areas that are frequently flooded and wishes to  determine long-term solutions for the flooding problems and occurrences. There is existing storm drain infrastructure in the City, but its exact location, dimensions, material, and condition have not been consistently documented and archived by the City. The purpose of this project is to begin addressing the needs within the City of South Tucson by determining the location, dimension, material, and extents of the drainage infrastructure within the City. This project delineates floodplains within the city limits and identifies flood mitigation opportunities, and also sets the foundation for a capital improvement plan that can address infrastructure deficiencies.

The District worked with EEC and Solis Engineering to complete the study. 

Project Results

  • The 100-yr discharges were calculated for the City of South Tucson. 
  • Sub-basin boundaries and corresponding Concentration Points (CPs) are illustrated in Figure 1.1.
  • Hydrologic characteristics for the studied sub-basins are presented in Table 4.2.
  • Calculated discharges are summarized in Table 4.3. 
  • The calculated discharges are compared with the USGS Regional Regression Equations for Region 5 in Table 4.4. 
  • This study found several properties at risk for flooding during the 100-yr flood, which is illustrated in Exhibit 1.

Project Documents