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  • Justice and Law Enforcement and Public Defense Services

    Justice and Law Enforcement departments

    Are led by independently elected officials. These include:


    Provides effective and professional public safety services with integrity, honor, and compassion.

    County Attorney

    Prosecutes crimes against adults and children and offers extensive services to crime victims.


    Serve civil and criminal papers of the Pima Justice Court, Pima County agencies/departments, and those papers received from out of area courts equivalent to the level of our Justice Court.

    Clerk of the Superior Court

    Serves as the record keeper for the Court, as well as the collector of all fees, fines, bonds and restitution. The Superior Court also oversees Juvenile Court filings such as Adoption, Dependency, Severance and Delinquency Actions.

    Justice Court - Justices of the Peace

    Handles cases ranging from civil traffic and criminal DUIs to  evictions, small claims and protection orders.

    Superior Court Judges 

    Appointed by the Governor and face unopposed, retention votes every four years.

    These departments’ authority and responsibilities are defined in state law. The only oversight from the Board of Supervisors and County Administration these departments are subject to is annual budget approval. 

    Public Defense Services departments

    Provide court-authorized legal services to criminally charged defendants. These departments also represent children in dependency cases and provide court-appointed fiduciary services for vulnerable adults. These include:

    Legal Advocate

    Represents individuals who cannot afford an attorney and are charged with crimes allegedly occurring in Pima County.

    Legal Defender

    Represents indigent individuals upon court appointment in all felony cases, direct appeal and Rule 32 post-conviction matters, and extradition hearings. 

    Mental Health Defender

    Is committed to providing the most effective legal representation for people with mental illness who face involuntary commitment, guardianship proceedings and dependency actions.

    Office of Children’s Counsel

    Represents indigent children ages 0-18 in juvenile dependency and severance actions, family law cases, guardianship actions and can act as victim/witness advocates for children in criminal cases.  

    Office of Court Appointed Counsel

    Assures that adequate legal representation is afforded to all persons eligible for counsel under Arizona law.

    Public Defender

    Handles criminal and juvenile cases ranging in serious from misdemeanors and minor felonies such as drug possession to capital homicide cases where the State is seeking the death penalty.

    Public Fiduciary 

    Serves as the court-appointed Guardian, Conservator or Estate Administrator (Personal Representative) to protect the legal rights and financial interests of vulnerable adults. 
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