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  • Air Quality Forecasting & Mapping

    While PDEQ remains the contact for local information about air quality we are excited to have partnerships that allow us to provide Tucson area residents with air quality forecasting for Ozone and Particulate Matter (PM). These forecasts can be useful for those who are at-risk when levels of either air pollutant are elevated, and can help these residents know if they may need to limit exposure to outside air. Air quality forecasts give a glimpse of what the air pollutant levels might be given current and forecast weather conditions, air pollutant levels quantified through PDEQ's air quality monitoring network and satellite data, weather data from the National Weather Service (and other weather networks). These forecasts can provide an insight into future air pollutant levels so that vulnerable residents can plan ahead.

    ADEQ 5-day O3 and PM AQI Forecast

    ADEQ AQI ForecastThe Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) provides Tucson area residents with a 5-day Air Quality Index (AQI) Forecast for ozone and particulate matter. This AQI forecast for ground-level ozone and particulate matter, provided by ADEQ, will enable all Tucson area residents adequate time to make plans to protect their respiratory health and well-being. Residents are able to have several days in advance to allow ample time to plan for people who might have health issues associated with elevated levels of air pollution, and provide enough time to arrange carpools and other transportation alternatives to reduce driving-related emissions. Motor vehicle use is the largest single source of air pollution in Pima County. Learn more about ADEQ's Air Quality Forecasting or sign-up to receive the ADEQ air quality forecasts texts and/or emails.

    George Mason University 24-hour O3 & PM2.5 Experimental Forecast Maps

    GMU Air Quality ForecastGeorge Mason University provides 24-hour experimental forecast maps for ozone and PM2.5. These experimental forecasts are products of computer models of the atmosphere that have been developed and tested to predict air pollution concentrations. The experimental forecasts provided by GMU differ from the 5-day forecast provided by ADEQ in that these forecasts map different potential concentrations, or amounts of PM2.5 and ozone in the atmosphere, rather than the air quality index of these pollutants. PM2.5 is mapped as different concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) and ozone is mapped as different concentrations in parts per billion per volume of air (ppbV). GMU produces these experimental air quality forecasts for the continental US and the Tucson area to help residents visualize tomorrows air pollution concentrations through the next 24-hour period.

    Current Air Quality

    EPA Air NowIn addition to looking at future air pollutant levels Tucson residents can view near-real time air quality data through the PDEQ air quality monitoring network map. These data, and data from around the US are also mapped through the EPA's Air Now, which shows the current AQI for ozone and particulate matter using the NowCast calculation, and provides a 24-hour forecast for the highest AQI of ozone and/or particulate matter. The traditional AQI is the highest value for the pollutant in a 24-hour period. The highest 8-hour average for ozone and CO, and the highest 24-hour average for PM10 and PM2.5 . The traditional AQI is used for daily statistics and historical summaries.

    PDEQ also provides the public with hourly updates of what the public is breathing at that moment through Air Index Now. This index is calculated using modifications to the AQI to give the most accurate estimate of what is in the air at that particular point in time. You can sign up to receive our air quality advisory notifications. However, accessing real-time air quality data at the link below is a great and more timely option.
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