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COVID-19 Vaccine - Phase 1B registration and information


Don't miss your shot! Registration is open to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, starting Jan. 14, for people in the the Phase 1B.1 a-c priority groups including:

   Phase Description

Phase 1B.1 

PHASE 1B.1.a
People aged 75 years and older

  People aged 75 years and older due to the high risk of hospitalization, illness, and death from COVID‐19
PHASE 1B.1.b
Prioritized Essential Workers
  Protective service occupations (law enforcement, corrections, firefighters, and other emergency response staff, 911 call center staff and trainees in high-risk settings)
PHASE 1B.1.c
Teachers/Educators/Child Care Workers
  Education and childcare providers (K12 and higher education teachers and staff, student teachers)

Vaccination efforts underway will continue for our priority groups under 1A including frontline health care professionals and support workers and staff and residents in skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Pima County is working closely with the State and the CDC Retail Pharmacy program to make vaccine supply available to local pharmacies to help reach people 75 and over.

Depending on supply we anticipate local retail pharmacies receiving a limited supply in coming weeks. More information will be made available once supply and locations are confirmed.

If you have questions about the vaccine, registration, eligibility and phases, and more, please see the COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs below.

Vaccine Location Map
click/tap image above for vaccine sites

Current vaccination sites & interactive map

  • Tucson Medical Center -- drive-through and walk-through
  • Banner-North at Cancer Center -- drive-through

Planned opening for three more sites:

  • Jan. 18: Banner-South Kino Hospital -- drive-through only
  • Jan. 20: Tucson Convention Center -- walk-through
  • Jan. 20: University of Arizona campus -- drive-through and walk-through

More regional vaccination centers are planned and will be announced at a later time.

Telephone assistance for non-Banner registration

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
The Assistance Line will be open through the holiday weekend, Jan. 16-18

As of now, an email address is required to register. The phone staff at 520-222-0119 can help someone set up an email address if they don't have one.

Registration for Adults Age 75 and Older

Any adult age 75 or older is eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B.

Verification: You will be asked to bring an ID that shows your date of birth.

Registration: To register, adults in this category can register online or over the phone. Using either method, individuals will be asked a few questions to determine their eligibility.

Additional information about this sign-up process will be shared on this page in the coming days, so check back for more information.

Those 75 and older are encouraged to be vaccinated at the hospital-based points of distribution at TMC, Banner Kino and Banner North.

Law Enforcement/Protective Services

Law enforcement officers and people who work in protective services are eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B. This includes all sworn officers and government-employed security officers.

Verification: Please bring proof of employment, such as an employee ID or pay stub.

Registration: If you are in this category, please first check with your employer before making an appointment using this system. After confirming with your employer, you may be asked to use the link below to register for a vaccine appointment.

Vaccinations for this group will be conducted at the Tucson Convention Center.

K12 Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff from K-12 schools are eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B.

Verification: Please bring proof of employment, such as an employee ID, pay stub, or letter from a family who utilizes your in-home services.

1B.1 Teachers, school personnel, and educators who do not have a proof of employment will NOT be able to proceed.

Registration: K12 schools and districts, colleges and universities are working with the Health Department to prioritize their employees for vaccination due to limited supply. Employees should monitor their work email accounts for a link to create an account and register to receive the vaccine. All public/private/parochial/charter K-12 school teachers and staff should work directly with their school administration. They are automatically registered through their district, charter or private institution and do not need to register through any link on this page. Please send questions to

K12 vaccinations will occur at the University of Arizona.

College and University Educators and Staff; trade schools

Teachers, professors, researchers and staff of community colleges, universities and trade schools are eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B.

Verification: Please bring proof of employment, such as an employee ID, pay stub, or letter from a family who utilizes your in-home services.

Registration: College and university educators and staff should use the below link to register for a vaccination.

Vaccinations for college and university educators and staff, as well as those who work at trade schools, will occur at the University of Arizona.

Child Care Workers

Early child care centers are eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B. Home-based child care providers are also eligible if they provide care to five or more children who are not part of their household.

Verification: Please bring proof of employment, such as an employee ID, pay stub, or letter from a family who utilizes your in-home services. 1B.1 child care workers who do not have a proof of employment will NOT be able to proceed.

Registration: Childcare providers should use the below registration link to get a vaccination appointment. Childcare vaccinations will occur at the University of Arizona.

What happens after I hit the “Make an Appointment” button?

For a Banner-affiliated site:

Answer the screening questions to determine eligibility and make an appointment.

Banner’s scheduling slots are based on vaccine availability. Once the scheduling slots are filled, the registration form disappears from their website. The registration form will reappear once more allocation of vaccine is confirmed by the state.

For all other sites:

After you click the “Make Your Appointment” button:
  • Fill out the brief Pima County Vaccine Interest Form and hit send, but you’re not done.
  • Wait for an email response from TMC MyChart, which will send a confirmation email with a link to schedule an appointment and complete the registration process.
  • Click on the link from MyChart to schedule an appointment.

Other information:

  • Banner currently does not have a phone number to call in for registration or questions.
  • The wait time on the response from TMC MyChart will be variable at first, due to the overwhelming demand and limited amount of vaccine. It might be hours or days.
  • Please register through only one of the systems in order to assure you receive the same vaccination doses (first and second doses) and don’t take an appointment slot that could go to someone else.
  • People in Phase 1B must have an appointment to get vaccinated. No walk-ins will be allowed.
  • Appointments will be limited initially for Phase 1B and will be available at Point of Distribution (POD) sites that are not already fully-booked for second doses to prioritized individuals from Phase 1A.
While vaccine supply remains limited, it is our highest priority to ensure every eligible, prioritized Pima County resident who wants to be vaccinated may do so, in the timeliest manner possible.

Once vaccine becomes more widely available, we ensure every resident has the opportunity to receive an inoculation.

For more information about the county’s vaccination plan visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Distribution page.

Populations Eligible Later in Phase 1B

Adults with high-risk medical conditions living in congregate settings and essential workers not already eligible will be eligible for vaccination in Phase 1B after the prioritized Phase 1B groups.

Some examples of essential workers who may be eligible in this phase include employees of:
  • Food- and agriculture-related occupations (packaging and distribution workers, grocery, farmworkers and restaurant workers)
  • Power and utility workers
  • Transportation and material moving occupations (public transportation providers, airlines, gas stations, auto shop workers, and other transportation network providers)
  • State and local government workers that provide critical services for continuity of government, such as food and agricultural workers, United States Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, public transit workers, and those who work in the educational sector not in the prioritized essential worker category
  • Other essential workers (e.g., business and financial services, supply chain for critical goods, funeral services, critical trades, etc.)

Prepare for Your Appointment

Setting an appointment may go more quickly if:
  • You use a desktop or laptop, not a mobile device
  • You use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers
  • You have your insurance card handy (if you have insurance)

Why You Need An Appointment

Because vaccine availability remains limited at this time, we must use every dose on hand to protect the highest risk populations. Appointments also allow the public to schedule vaccinations when it best fits their schedule and ensures vaccination events go more smoothly and have the right number of doses on hand, to avoid waste.

Please note that in order to be vaccinated, you will need to:
  • Be a member of the current phase (1A or 1B prioritized)
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Provide appropriate identification once you arrive at the vaccination site

Why Appointments Will Be Limited Initially

The first appointments for Phase 1B individuals will be available at POD sites that are not already booked up for individuals from Phase 1A.

More appointments will become available when:
  • More vaccine doses are available
  • Other POD sites complete their second-dose appointments so that additional appointments can be opened to Phase 1B individuals
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