Drought Management

Drought Management

The County’s Drought Response Plan and Water Wasting Ordinance (Chapter 8.70) established a four stage trigger category that corresponds to the Arizona Drought Monitor Report and their declaration of a watershed drought condition from “Abnormally Dry” to “Extreme.” Each “Stage” declaration within the county triggers drought stage reduction measures.

Pima County has declared a Drought Stage 1

  • All persons are asked to implement voluntary reductions in water use
  • Restaurants are asked to provide water only on request
  • Hotels and Motels are urged to conserve water
  • Unincorporated Pima County residents:
    • Check with your water provider for its drought stage
    • Your water provider will have suggestions on how you can conserve water
    • Your water provider may also have restrictions in place
Notice: August 5, 2014: The Pima County Board of Supervisors approved to amend the Drought Response Plan and Water Wasting Ordinance at its regular meeting.

The Pima County Local Drought Impact Group (LDIG) has been an active component of County operations since 2006 when the Board of Supervisors adopted the Drought Response Plan and Water Wasting Ordinance.

LDIG consists of water providers and local, state and federal agencies that have an interest in the cause and effect of drought conditions in Pima County. LDIG meets bimonthly to monitor the short- and long-term drought status, discuss drought impacts and coordinate drought declarations and responses.

Steps Pima County Residents Should Take:

Local Water Providers

The major water providers that operate within Pima County and have specific recommendations and requirements during times of drought.

State, County, and City

      When did Pima County’s Drought and Water Wasting Ordinance become effective?

      July 21, 2006

      Where does the Ordinance apply?

      The Ordinance applies to the unincorporated areas of Pima County.

      Who enforces the Ordinance?

      Staff of the Pima County Health Department.

      If someone is wasting water, who do I call?

      The Pima County Health Department, Consumer Health and Safety Section at (520) 724-7908

      What happens when I file a complaint?

      A complaint form will be completed and a letter will be sent to the property owner who is wasting the water. The letter explains the new ordinance and what actions to be taken to correct the problem.

      How long do they have?

      Ten days.

      What if the situation isn’t corrected?

      We ask that you call the Health Department again at 243-7908 to advise us.

      Then what happens?

      An employee of the Health Department will be sent to the property to conduct an inspection and verify the water wasting.

      Does the process stop there?

      No. If the wasting continues, there are three progressive actions that can be taken up to civil and criminal charges being filed against the property owner.

      I got a letter from the Health Department saying I was wasting water. Who can I talk to about it?

      Staff at the Pima County Department, Consumer Health and Food Safety Section, at 243-7908.

      Where can I find a copy of the Ordinance?

      Is Pima County having a drought right now?

      Yes. In 2007 Pima County declared a Stage One drought. The Declaration is still in effect.

      What is Pima County doing about the drought?

      Pima County has a Drought Response Plan and ordinance that establishes drought stages and response actions.
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