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    Do you enjoy solitude or do you prefer to be around other people on The Loop? You can estimate the perfect time to stroll or bike by checking out these Loop Usage Reports.

    In order to plan for future Loop enhancements, Pima County counts users on The Loop at ten locations. You can see two digital counters in action. One is on the Santa Cruz River Park near Speedway, next to the sculpture "Sheltering Desert," and one is near the Rillito Park Racetrack, beneath the arched sculpture “Subarial Embrace.” The digital signs show results from counters embedded in the paved path.

    SCR counter and cyclist

    A total of ten counters on The Loop tabulate every pedestrian and bicyclist who passes over them:

    • Pantano River Park east bank at Fort Lowell Park
    • Pantano River Park east bank at 22nd Street
    • Rillito River Park north bank at Craycroft Road
    • Rillito River Park north bank at Rillito Park (Racetrack)
    • Rillito River Park south bank at Curtis Park
    • Cañada del Oro Wash south bank at Christina-Taylor Green Park
    • Santa Cruz River Park west bank at Irvington Road
    • Santa Cruz River Park west bank at Speedway Boulevard
    • Julian Wash at Kino Sports Complex
    • Harrison Greenway at Irvington

    The reports visualize data from each counter with charts and graphs showing which days of the week are busiest and even the hours when most people use The Loop.

    February 2023 Loop Usage Report+++++
    January 2023 Loop Usage Report
    December 2022 Loop Usage Report++++
    November 2022 Loop Usage Report
    October 2022 Loop Usage Report
    September 2022 Loop Usage Report+++
    August 2022 Loop Usage Report++
    July 2022 Loop Usage Report +
    June 2022 Loop Usage Report 
    May 2022 Loop Usage Report *
    April 2022 Loop Usage Report **
    March 2022 Loop Usage Report
    February 2022 Loop Usage Report
    January 2022 Loop Usage Report
    December 2021 Loop Usage Report
    November 2021 Loop Usage Report
    October 2021 Loop Usage Report

    * Incorrect data for Julian Wash Kino Sports Complex counter due to battery malfunction
    ** Skewed data for Santa Cruz Speedway counter due to construction tape blowing across sensor
    + Missing data for Julian Wash Kino Sports Complex July 30-31
    ++ Rillito Park Counter not working; Kino Sports Complex incorrect data for Aug. 1-3
    +++ Cyclist count is incorrect; the counter has been fixed and will be correct next month
    ++++ PRP EB at 22nd Street report for December 7 is not an accurate reading
    +++++ Feb. 2 on the Santa Cruz did not report
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