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  • Section Corner Reference Sheets

    This page displays survey section corner reference sheets. The documents shown here do not represent all the information available on each specific corner. More information may be available at other Pima County offices such as Survey, Pima County Recorder, Pima County Transportation Engineering Information Management (EIM) and the City of Tucson Survey Office.

    Pick a PLSS Section or Corner Number to View

    La Canoa Land Grant Area

    View the Section Corner Reference Sheets Map and Pick a Section on the Map

    • Read the Disclaimer and Using Autodesk MapGuide.
    • Read things you need to know to view the data, like double-clicking on sections and how to navigate in two browser windows.
    • Be ready to zoom in to see the sections. Important: If you zoom in far enough and turn on the "Parcels - Pima" layer, it is actually "on top" of the Section Grid layer. In this case you need to turn off the Parcels layer to double-click on a section or to see Section Grid map tips.
    • Go to the map:
      Section Corner Reference Sheets Map

    Send questions, comments or data problems to Daniel Tremblay. Send comments on this web application to GIS Webmaster.

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