Nature-to-Go Activities

Need ideas for fun and educational things to do outdoors? Check out our Nature-to-Go kits. Pick up a new themed kit each month from your local Pima County Library branch while supplies last (calling ahead is recommended). Or download the information for any of our past kits here, and gather your own materials. Most materials are available in English and Spanish.

 LROW Nature-to-Go Kit  

Reflecting on Water: Living River of Words Art +Science Kit

Water in the desert is rare, precious, and inspiring. The Living River of Words program combines art and science to celebrate this important resource.
 Dragonfly Craft  

Dazzling Dragonflies and Damselflies!

Dragonflies - and their close relatives, damselflies - are fun to watch, fascinating to learn about, and a good clue that local waterways are healthy.
  • Download our quick guide to dragons and damsels in English or Spanish and learn more about their life cycle, how to identify them, and where you can see them in Pima County.
  • Download the craft instructions to make your own colorful dragonfly. You'll need some simple materials like beads, pipe cleaners, and wax paper.

 Animal Tracks Nature-to-Go Kit  

Who Goes There? Identifying Animal Tracks

Tracks tell a story. By looking carefully at the size, shape and pattern of the tracks animals leave behind, we can decode who might have visited our yard or park and what they were doing there.
  • Download the track ID guide, tips for identifying tracks, and instructions for making a track ruler in English or Spanish
  • Print the track ruler template and make your very own! It may help to print on cardstock or glue your ruler to thin cardboard (such as a cereal box) to make it more durable.
 Calli Kangaroo Rat at Feliz Paseos Park  

Adventures of Calliandra, the Kangaroo Rat

Calliandra Kangaroo Rat (or Calli for short) is well adapted to living in the hot, dry Sonoran Desert and has been spotted at several Pima County Parks. Make your own version of Calli and share pictures of her have new adventures!
 Nature Impressions Kit  

Impressions of Nature

When adventuring in nature we often find treasures like unique rocks, beautiful flowers, or fallen leaves that we want to remember forever. But these natural items may be habitat or food for insects, birds, and other animals. Explore ways of saving these memories while still leaving them in nature for animals and other people to enjoy.

Nature-to-Go Kits

More kits coming soon...

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