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Preferred Pumper Program (PPP)

The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department has created a Preferred Pumper Program (PPP) to establish a standard of cleaning and reporting procedures for grease interceptor pumpers. The program creates an alliance between grease pumping companies and Pima County Industrial Wastewater Control (IWC).
The PPP develops effective maintenance standards, helps prevent grease related sewer backups, and promotes compliance with the Pima County Industrial Wastewater Ordinance.


Pumpers must demonstrate they are able to meet the following criteria:
  • Satisfactorily pump out Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors (HGI) and Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI) to Industrial Wastewater Ordinance standards. Pima County Industrial Wastewater Ordinance 13.36.420-450.
  • Accurately submit monthly work order reports to IWC, as well as an annual updated customer list.
  • Dispose of waste in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations Decanting and stacking of FOG wastewater following its removal from a grease interceptor (HGI or GGI) is strictly prohibited.
  • Coordinate with IWC to schedule ongoing performance evaluations.

PPP Benefits

Food Service Industry:kitchen
  • Regular maintenance protects investments in grease interceptors and extends the life of the unit.
  • Help prevent discharges of fats, oils and grease that might clog the sewer.
  • Restaurants will be in compliance with ordinance record keeping criteria.
  • Performance evaluations of pumpers provide assurance that grease interceptors are properly maintained.

PPP members:

  • Listed on Preferred Pumper Program website
  • Food service industry provided with list of program participants during inspections
  • Business assistance for the preferred pumpers will be streamlined
  • Fewer grease-related issues in the sewer

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