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  • DOT-57 King Canyon Trailhead Parking

    Total Cost: $45,876
    Project Number: CTR.4KCTHP
    Funding Sources: FLAP, 1997 HURF
    Completion Date: March 2021
    Managing Dept.: Transportation
    Project Map: GIS Map

    Saguaro National Park (SNP) West offers exceptional opportunities for recreational activities including hiking, equestrian, mountain biking, and observing nature in the
    Tucson Mountains. Access to SNP from the southern boundary comes primarily from the King Canyon Trailhead which is located off Kinney Road within the boundary of Tucson Mountain Park. The existing parking area was undersized and had poor sight visibility for vehicles leaving the trailhead parking area entering
    Kinney Road. Improving access to the recreational opportunities in SNP was needed. 

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) was the lead agency for the project. FHWA CFLHD hired the design consultant and contractor, and in cooperation with Pima County, managed and delivered a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) project to improve the King Canyon Trailhead parking lot and access to Kinney Road. The project reconstructed the King Canyon parking area to accommodate 30 parking stalls and paved the parking area. 

    The project also improved the sight distance from the parking lot driveway to Kinney Road by cutting back the existing slope on the north side of Kinney road west of the parking lot entrance. To further optimize the sight distance and improve the vertical profile of the entrance to the parking lot, the entrance was moved approximately 25’
    east to the crest of the existing Kinney Road profile grade.

    CFLHD provided scoping and design of the project.  During the public outreach phase, there were many emails from recreation users of the trail system in support of the project including interest from the equestrian community. Designs for the parking lot evolved to meet the expectations of the public who are ultimately the end users of the improvements. The final plans included 30 paved parking stalls, two gravel-surfaced equestrian parking areas (for truck and trailer combinations), and two ADA accessible parking stalls.

    Total cost of the project was $790,761 with Pima County providing a portion of the funding.

    trailhead parking, view from north
    trailhead parking, view from south