Completed Bond Projects - Parks

2004 General Obligation and Parks

PR4.18 Flowing Wells Community Center

PR4.19 Southeast Regional Park/Shooting Range

PR4.20 Lighting of Existing and New Sports Fields

PR4.21 Curtis Park - Flowing Wells East

PR4.22 Catalina Community Park

PR4.23 Dan Felix Memorial Park

PR4.24 Brandi Fenton Memorial Park (River Bend)

PR4.25 George Mehl Family Memorial Park

PR4.26 Rillito Race Track

PR4.27 Kino Public Sports Field Lighting

PR4.28 Feliz Paseos Universal Access Park

PR4.29 Picture Rocks Pool

PR4.30 Eastside Sports Complex and Senior Center Site

PR4.31 Northside Regional Park at Rillito

PR4.32 Southeast Community Park

PR4.33 Harrison Greenway

PR4.34 Julian Wash Linear Park

PR4.35 Arroyo Chico Wash Improvements

PR4.36 Atturbury Wash Sanctuary Land Acquisition and Expansion

PR4.37 Pantano River Park

PR4.38 Rio Vista Natural Resource Park

PR4.39 Cultural and Heritage Park

PR4.40 Tortolita Trail System

PR4.41 Anamax Park Multi-Use Ball Field

PR4.42 Bicycle Lane of Sahuarita Road

FM4.46 Wilmot Branch Library Replacement or Relocation

1997 General Obligation and Parks

P-01 Miscellaneous Park System Renovations

P-02 Ajo Pool Renovations

P-03 Anamax Neighborhood Park Renovations

P-04 Tucson Mountain Park Renovations

P-05 Tucson Athletic and Play Field Improvements

P-06 Colossal Cave Mountain Park Improvements

P-07 Rillito Park Improvements

P-08 Mehl-Foothills District Park

P-09 James Kriegh Park (High School Lighting Improvements)

P-10 Coronado School Ballfield Lighting

P-11 Yaqui Park Improvements

P-12 South Tucson Playing Field Lighting Improvements

P-13 Freedom Park Center Improvements

P-14 Sahuarita District Park Improvements

P-15 Augie Acuña-Los Niños Neighborhood Park

P-16 Sam Lena Recreation Area Improvements

P-17 Santa Rita Park Lighting Improvements

P-18 Armory Park/Children’s Museum Improvements

P-19 Linda Vista Park Improvements

P-20 Three Points Veterans Memorial Park Lighting Improvements

P-21 Picture Rocks Park Improvements

P-22 Southeast Regional Park Improvements (Shooting Range)

P-23 Lawrence District Park Lighting Improvements

P-24 Vail Park/Cienega High School Park Improvements

P-25 Udall Park Improvements

P-26 Old Nogales Park Land Acquisition

P-27 Catalina Park Land Acquisition

P-28 Ryan Field Park Land Acquisition

P-29 Rita Ranch District Park

P-30 Rillito River Park - La Cholla to I-10

P-31 Rillito River Park-Campbell to Alvernon

P-32 Rillito Park at Columbus Boulevard District Park

P-33 Rillito Park at River Bend (Land Purchase Only)

P-34 Oro Valley CDO River Park

P-36 Santa Cruz River Park - Irvington to Valencia

P-37 Santa Cruz River Community Park

P-38 Northwest Pool/Marana USD

P-39 Cañada del Oro Riverfront Park

P-40 Old Nogales Park

P-41 Kino Community Field Lighting Improvements

P-42 Flowing Wells Park

P-44 Branding Iron Park

P-45 Marana Rattlesnake Park (Continental Ranch)

P-46 Columbus Park

P-47 Tanque Verde Community Center

P-48 Roy P. Drachman – Agua Caliente Regional Park Visitor Center

P-49 Arivaca Community Center Expansion

P-51 Lawrence Park Infrastructure Improvements

P-52 Drexel Heights Community Center

P-54 Kino Community Education and Resource Center

P-55 Clements Recreational Facility

P-56 Thomas Jay Community Center

P-57 Quincie Douglas Park Pool

P-58 Northwest Community Center/Aquatic Center (YMCA)

T-18 Central Arizona Project Trailhead (Tangerine and Avra Valley Roads)

T-19 36th Street Trailhead

T-20 Tortolita Mountain Park Trail System

T-23 Various Trail Acquisitions

1997 HURF Revenue Bonds

DOT-41 Neighborhood Transportation Improvement Projects

* These documents highlight completed projects from the 2004 and 1997 Bond Programs. They include information reported, as of June 30, 2009.
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