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  • No Fence Districts Map

    This page displays the Pima County Department of Transportation No-Fence Districts Map. The shaded areas on the map are "No-Fence Districts". This means that within these districts livestock may not be allowed to roam freely, and a property owner does not have to construct a fence to keep the livestock out. The rancher must construct a fence to keep the livestock contained on his/her lands.

    No-Fence Districts Map 

    For application click on the map at right to view.

    No-Fence District map


    No-Fence Districts PimaMaps Map

    For application click on the map at right to view.
    • Before using PimaMaps make sure to read the Disclaimer
    • For more information on PimaMaps, click on PimaMaps - Main.  Here you will find the Help section, and the Quick Start Guide for tips on how to use the application, plus FAQ
    • Begin, click on the hyperlink above to open the No-Fence Districts PimaMaps Map. 
    • A map will open with a panel on the left side of the screen, scroll down the panel to Districts, click + toggle button to expand the options, check box for No-Fence Districts to view the “Map Layers”

    No-Fence Districts - PimaMaps map
    • Double-click on the white title bar above the map to open the toolbar, or click on the Wrench icon in the upper right corner of the map.
    • Use the mouse to navigate around the map, left click and hold mouse to move map in the direction desired and release.
    • Zoom in, use the wheel on the mouse, move the wheel downward to magnify map until you reach the specific section of road or desired view.
    • Zoom-out, move the wheel upward to reduce map image to desired view.
    • Hover over the desired road or section, click on it to select it, and a dialog box opens. 
    • Dialog box will open giving the No-Fence Districts, district, date, with three hyperlinks: “Document”, “View Additional Details” or "Edit Features".   
      • The hyperlinks will provide the following information:
        • Documents will list the No-Fence District for the selected area or road.
        • View Additional Details will give additional information for the selected area or road. 
        • Edit Features option is not available. 
    • Select the “Document” hyperlink to view the No-Fence District list.
    • A new window will open with the No-Fence District items connected to the road or selected area.
    • Choose a row from the list to view the documentation.
    • Documentation for the No-Fence Districts will open.
    • Use the “Scroll Down” button (arrowhead facing down) in the Scroll Bar at the right side of the screen to view through the pages.  
    • Any issues contact Maps and Records at (520) 724-6410.
    • Go to the map hyperlink above to view.

    No-Fence Document Management System Search

    Information on No-Fence can be retrieved by district name, district number, and/or district date.
    No Fence District Documents

    For information about No-Fence Districts, see Arizona Revised Statutes - Title 3, Chapter 11, Article 8 No-Fence Districts, §§ 3-1421 through 3-1429.

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