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  • Bond Implementation Plan Ordinances and Amendments

    Bond Implementation Plan Ordinances provide detailed descriptions of each of the projects that will be built if voters approve a bond program in an election. The Bond Implementation Plan Ordinance must be completed, approved and available to voters before a bond election. Before early voting begins, the Bond Implementation Plan Ordinances must be:

    • Adopted by the Board of Supervisors
    • Noticed in the newspaper
    • Placed on the County website

    Process for changes and opportunities for public input on changes

    In order to avoid dramatic increases in taxes in one particular year, bond projects are built over 10 or more years. During that time, as projects move from concept to design and bidding, changes to project scopes, benefits, costs or timing may be necessary. Before the plan can be changed, the following must occur: 

    • The 25-member Bond Advisory Committee must approve at a public meeting any substantial changes as amendments to the Bond Implementation Plan Ordinances.
    • The Pima County Board of Supervisors must approve the amendments after a public hearing that is noticed in the newspaper.
    • Additionally, if a city, town or tribe requested a project, that governing body must hold a public hearing and vote in favor of requesting the substantial change.

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