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  • Vaccination opportunities coming to a phone near you

    May 28, 2021 | Read More News
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    Beginning May 29, a vendor working with the Pima County Health Department will text individuals within a two-mile radius of a vaccination site to inform them of free COVID-19 vaccinations in their area.

    The County’s decision to work with PublicResults adds to its vaccination encouragement toolbox and comes on the heels of an incentive program offering free Arizona Lottery scratcher tickets at Textingtwo locations this holiday weekend. The Health Department also is offering free admission to the Pima Air & Space Museum to people who go to the FEMA mobile vaccination site operating at the museum through May 29.

    The County is offering multiple ways in which individuals can get vaccinated. The FEMA effort has brought mobile PODs (Points of Distribution) to libraries, storefronts and college campuses for three-day, 10-hour vaccinations. One-day vaccination events also are offered regularly at churches, schools and non-profits. Standing sites have been offered through the University of Arizona, local hospitals and at community centers.

    Cell phones within the two-mile zone will get two messages, one a day or two before the POD opens announcing the POD will be in their neighborhood soon, and one alerting people the county POD is open or that it’s the first day of the three-day FEMA POD. Anyone who is already vaccinated or not interested in obtaining a vaccine can opt out.

    All sites are publicized on the County’s vaccination website, through social media and with printed fliers. The texting effort offers another way to get the word out, according to Mark Evans, Pima County Communications Office director.

    “Almost everyone has a cellphone, so this seemed like an ideal way to reach the thousands of people in the County who still haven’t been vaccinated,” Evans said. “This texting service also allows us to deliver messages to individuals about vaccination sites that are conveniently located near where they live. It’s another arrow in our quiver to encourage everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine so we can all get back to doing the things we love.”