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  • Ways to help PACC during busy season

    Jun 14, 2021 | Read More News
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    kitten next to foodPIMA COUNTY, June 14, 2021 –Pima Animal Care Center is in the middle of its busiest time of year. Between stray pets, owner surrenders, and hoarding cases, the shelter is filling up a kennel just as quickly as it becomes empty. In the last week, PACC has taken in around 600 pets. That’s around 75 to 100 pets brought in every single day. On average, the shelter is taking in around 20 more pets than it is able to get out each day.

    “One day last week we took in 218 pets,” said Monica Dangler, Interim Director of Animal Services. “We know this community believes in our lifesaving efforts because they voted to approve the bond to make much needed improvements to the shelter back in 2017. We are asking for their help again. Now through the end of June, PACC will be starting two new initiatives to help get stray pets back home.”

    The two new initiatives are “Reclaim Forgiveness” and “Back Home in 48.” Both are focused on pet reunification within the first two days of being lost. See below for details on the programs and more ways to help the shelter.

    1)  Back Home in 48: People can reunite found pets with their families by hanging onto those friendly stray pets that they find roaming in their neighborhood for at least 48 hours. Pets that stay in the area where they are found also have an 80 percent chance of making it home versus the 20 percent when they are brought to the shelter. If you need food or other pet supplies to do this, please just stop by the shelter Monday through Friday noon to 7:00 p.m. or 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

    How to reunite a pet within 48 hours:
    • Text “FOUND” to (833) 552-0591. Para Espa؜ñol, envíe un mensaje de texto con la palabra "ENCONTRADO" al (833) 552-0591.
    • Upload a photo of the found pet to PetcoLoveLost.com. They will use facial recognition to match up lost and found reports.
    • Post the pet on social media sites like Facebook, Nextdoor and Pawboost.
    • More lost and found tips can be found on the lost and found site.
    2) Reclaim Forgiveness: Many of these stray pets likely have owners. PACC recognizes that pets are smart and can escape, even with the best set up at home, so the shelter is now practicing Reclaim Forgiveness for stray pets. However, each case will be treated on an individual basis. Reclaim Forgiveness for stray pets will be in place for the rest of June. To see if your pet is at the shelter, check the intake hourly, as it changes throughout the day.

    Other ways to help PACC save more lives during the busy season:
    3) Adopt: PACC is currently offering $0 adoptions for pets 4 months or older. Kittens and puppies will cost $50 each, and a $20 licensing fee per adopted dog will apply during the promotion, which will last through July 16.

    4) Foster: If adopting a pet full-time is not doable, PACC is also looking for folks who can help foster pets to clear out some kennels, even if it is only for a couple weeks. PACC has an urgent need for kitten fosters and people who can foster mother dogs along with their puppies. People who are interested in fostering can head to pima.gov/foster or just come by the shelter.

    5) Volunteer: With the increase in intake, that means there are many more dogs and cats that could use some help from volunteers. There is an urgent need for dog walkers and greeters to help guide folks around the shelter. People interested in volunteering can start the sign-up process at pima.gov/PACCvolunteer.

    6) Kittens: PACC is seeing a huge increase in the number of kittens coming into the shelter, many of which are far too young to be removed from their mothers. Their best chance at survival is to stay with their mothers. If you see a litter of kittens, you can text “KITTEN” to (833) 552-0591 to get a step-by-step guide on how to best help them. Para Espa؜ñol, envíe un mensaje de texto con la palabra "GATITO" al (833) 552-0591. PACC also has a helpful graphic on its kitten page here

    7) Donate: For those who cannot adopt or foster, another way to help is by making a donation to PACC’s official nonprofit partner, Friends of Pima Animal Care Center. These funds help the foster care system, the Pet Support System, and much more. 

    8) Lost pets: If your pet gets lost, make sure you file a “Lost” report immediately. You can text “LOST” to (833) 552-0591.  Para Espa؜ñol, envíe un mensaje de texto con la palabra "PERDIDO" o "ENCONTRADO" al (833) 552-0591.

    More tips for lost pets:
    • Get pets microchipped and make sure the chip is up to date: https://www.freepetchipregistry.com/
    • Make sure your pet has a secure collar with a tag that is up to date. Tags in our Central Pet Lobby store are FREE right now with the purchase of a collar! This sale will run through July 3rd.  
    • Upload your pet to PetcoLoveLost.com.  
    • Post on social media sites like Facebook, Nextdoor and Pawboost 
    9) Social Media: Another way to help shelter pets is to share their stories! Help them be seen by people in your circle. You can share, comment, and like posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Nextdoor. 

    10) Pet Vaccinations: Keep your pet up-to-date on its vaccinations so that you don’t have to make a tough decision to surrender if it catches a deadly disease like Rabies, Parvo, or Distemper. These are very costly to treat if the pets survive the illness. For a list of affordable low-cost pet vaccine options, No Kill Pima County has a great list of resources here. That website also includes a list of places where you can get your pet microchipped as well.

    “PACC works hard to save the lives of thousands of animals every year, and it’s all thanks to the support of this pet-loving community,” Dangler said. “The people of Pima County always step up to ensure PACC stays a lifesaving shelter.”  

    Pima Animal Care Center is open Monday to Friday, noon to 7 p.m., and 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. To see a list of available pets and services, head to pima.gov/animalcare.