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  • COVID-19 Community Champions Mini-Grant Information

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    The Pima County Health Department in June was one of 10 health departments around the country that received a small grant from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to demonstrate innovative initiatives in partnership with communities to address COVID-19 in areas that have been hard-hit by COVID-19.

    In part with these funds, PCHD is offering COVID-19 Community Champions mini-grants to community-based organizations, coalitions and groups in Pima County in order to increase access to COVID-19 vaccination information and resources via trusted community members, leaders and messengers.

    The COVID-19 Community Champions mini-grants will provide eight awards of $2,500 each to applicants in Pima County serving Hispanic, African American, Urban American Indian, youth, and rural communities or groups that have been especially impacted through the pandemic.

    The goal of the mini-grant is to support community-driven initiatives that will support community champions who will:

    • Engage with members of their community to better understand vaccine and COVID-19 related concerns
    • Provide relevant information and resources to encourage people to get the vaccine
    • Link people to local vaccination resources
    • Assist PCHD in designing culturally relevant communications that resonate with the community.

    Funded projects may encompass a range of activities, such as:

    • Mobilizing community members or volunteers to become community champions
    • Hosting listening sessions or forums in community of focus
    • Conducting community outreach and canvassing to engage with community and provide information and resources
    • Sponsoring community events to encourage vaccination
    • Creating a media campaign or other marketing strategies
    • Using translation services
    • Other activities effective at reaching out to the communities of focus.

    Successful applicants need to be able to commence proposed initiative by August 1, 2021, and provide a final report by September 30, 2021.


    Applications are due by July 12, 2021, at 11:59 PM Arizona Time.

    The application takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Please feel free to email the Project Manager, with any questions.

    Participating organizations in the COVID-19 Community Champions mini-grant project agree to the following activities:

    • Demonstrate community need for COVID related outreach and education in the communities they serve
    • Clear strategies for reaching their communities through selected activities:
      • Phone banking
      • Face to face
      • Discussion groups/cafecito to identify community needs and concerns
      • Virtual town hall
      • Other community events
      • Develop culturally and linguistically relevant materials on access to COVID services and supports
      • Social media
      • Promote events/information via newsletter
      • Identify and train community champions as trusted messengers
      • Other______________________________________________
    • Commitment to provide documentation and proof of expenditures to Project Manager on a monthly basis.
    • Commitment to provide weekly updates on activities to Project Manager.
    • Provide opportunities for youth participation in the #VaxTruthChallenge and other youth challenge activities and endeavor to submit an entry
    • Participate in training and technical assistance August, 2021
    • Share basic aggregated and de-identified data from outreach activities each month and produce a final report with reflections on activities and successes.
    • Share key themes of information gathered via community engagement to inform tailored communications
    • Co-design messaging to ensure cultural relevance and appropriateness
    • Disseminate messages through local community communication channels
    • Share feedback about lessons learned

    Projects should not:

    • Be for the purpose of obtaining a profit
    • Be overtly political in nature and/or relate to a specific political party
    • Center around boycotts and/or to campaign against something


    To be eligible for the mini-grants, organizations, clubs, and/or teams must meet the following criteria:

    • Provide support services in Pima County
    • Serve communities in one or more of the following areas: Hispanic, African American, Urban American Indian, Youth and/or Rural and other communities and groups experiencing vulnerability.
    • Awardees must agree to report on their project’s progress and reflect on their project's impact to share with funder.
    • Be registered as a vendor to do business with Pima County
    • Not be debarred or otherwise prohibited from receiving Federal funds


    • Successful applicants will be announced July 15, 2021, with a start date and disbursement of funds August 1, 2021.


    With relevant expertise in promoting COVID-19 related information, Pima County Health Department employees will evaluate each mini-grant proposal. Multiple reviewers will score each submission on the following four criteria, which are described in detail below:


    Maximum score

    Criteria 1

    How will your proposed project make a positive impact?

    The activity must have a positive impact. The application should also clearly define how the proposed project will mobilize community champions who will:

    ●        Engage with members of their community to understand vaccine related concerns

    ●        Provide information and resources to encourage people to get the vaccine

    ●        Refer to others who can provide COVID-19 education and assist with coordination

    ●        Link people to local vaccination resources

    Proposals will also need to state what success will look like as a result of this project.

    Aspects to consider:

    • Does it include community measures of success? Is it clear what the project seeks to achieve and how it will reach its goals?

    40 points

    Criteria 2

    Understanding the audience, local community, and issues

     How will this project connect with, engage with, and discover vaccine related concerns, misinformation and barriers of members of their community of focus?  Proposals will need to show how they will accomplish this.

    Aspects to consider:

    • How will community members be engaged and encouraged?

    • Describe the target community the project proposes to reach: ages, backgrounds, community of color, location or neighborhoods or census tract.

    • Does the project include culturally appropriate strategies to reach their prospective communities?

    15 points

    Criteria 3

    Ability to evaluate the impact

    Organizations will develop measures of success for their project and gather information to evaluate community activities.

    Aspects to consider:

    •How will they know whether the project has been successful? 

    • Does the proposal explain how they will collect information and share data with the project officer?

    • Does the proposal indicate how they will document lessons learned to share with PCHD and the funder. 

    15 points

    Criteria 4

    Project delivers value for money.

    Projects will need to demonstrate how they will use grant funds to support project activities.

    Aspects to consider:

    •Are project costs feasible to achieve the work?

    • Does the proposal outline  how expenditures will be accounted for and what additional resources can be leveraged?

    30 points

    Maximum points available

    100 points

    The submission period has ended.
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