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  • Stay safe this monsoon with these tips from the Regional Flood Control District

    Jul 01, 2021 | Read More News
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    The 2021 monsoon is here, and some forecasts show that this season could produce above average rainfall. This would be a welcome change as the region continues to face long-term drought conditions.Monsoon

    But along with rainfall comes the potential for flooding and the associated risk of flood damage, particularly in the low-lying areas and those in watersheds most affected by last year’s Bighorn Fire. (Learn more about post-wildfire risks at www.pima.gov/FloodsFollowFires.)

    The Pima County Regional Flood Control District (District) has advice on how you can protect yourself, your property, and your structure before the rains arrive.

    On the Road: Due to little or no warning of flash floods, driving during and after monsoon storms can be dangerous. If possible, pull into a parking lot or the shoulder and wait for the rain to subside. Never drive into a flowing a wash and never ignore barricades or road closed signage. For the latest road conditions and closures, the public should call the Sheriff’s Department Road Conditions Hotline at (520) 547-7510 or visit the Department of Transportation’s Road Closure Updates webpage.

    Protect your home: Homeowner’s and business insurance policies usually do not cover flooding. If your home is in a federally mapped floodplain (FEMA), flood insurance is required if the home is secured by a federally backed mortgage but can be acquired at reduced rates because of Pima County’s exemplary floodplain management program. Preferred risk policies are also available to those outside of FEMA mapped floodplains. Standard flood insurance will typically cover structures and an additional policy is needed to cover contents from losses due to flooding and related hazards. Learn more about flood insurance here.

    Be Prepared: Sign up for MyAlerts flood messages from the District and the Office of Emergency Management to receive important safety information related to expected flash floods or flooding in-progress. Learn more at the MyAlerts Flood Alerts website.

    Exercise Safety: Cool mornings and evenings can be great times to go out and explore Pima County. But before you set out, a little planning and preparation can help ensure you have a safe and successful adventure.

    • Check forecasts for areas around you. It doesn’t have to be raining at your location for a flash flood to impact the area.
    • Hike in the mornings – Monsoon storms usually occur in the afternoon.
    • Never hike during extreme heat.
    • Avoid narrow canyons or dry ravines.
    • Don’t camp in washes.
    • Bring someone else with you and let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return.
    Learn more about the work of the District at: www.pima.gov/FloodControl.