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CR4.04 Fort Lowell Acquistion & San Pedro Chapel

During the early part of the twentieth century, Mexican settlers from Sonora and Baja California established the community El Fuerte near Fort Lowell. In 1915, the settlers constructed a small chapel, called La Capillita, near the future location of the San Pedro Chapel. This small chapel was supplemented in 1917 by a larger chapel, called San Angel de la Guarda, on land donated by Josefa de Mule. San Pedro Chapel FlickrThe site of the Mule family store is preserved immediately west of the chapel. San Angel de la Guarda was replaced by the existing San Pedro Chapel in 1932, following the destruction of the earlier church by a tornado in 1929. This church served the community until 1948, when the San Pedro Chapel was replaced by St. Cyril’s as the local parish church.

The San Pedro Chapel Rehabilitation Project occurred between 2006 and 2008. The project consisted of the construction of a new adobe and wood roof structured community building, site work for parking, landscaping and pedestrian paths, a new toilet in an existing studio building and miscellaneous work at the existing chapel and adjacent support building including adobe and stucco repair, wood window and door renovation, interior patching and repair, and miscellaneous sheet metal work.