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  • Restoration to Competency (RTC) Program

    Adult Detention Center
    Pima County Adult Detention Center

    Our Mission

    Pima County’s restoration to competency program is located inside the Pima County Adult Detention Center.  The RTC program designed to provide comprehensive competency to stand trial restoration services to all defendants who are court-ordered into the program. These functions are compelled by Arizona statute.    We were established in 2007 and have worked over 1,000 cases since our opening.  We also provide restoration services for other Arizona counties through the use of intergovernmental agreements.

    Our Methods

    We perform evaluation, education and corroboration of a defendant’s abilities to stand trial in order to restore them to competent status or make a determination that the defendant is not restorable.  We submit reports regularly to the court on defendant progress. Our average length of stay for a typical defendant is approximately 90 days. More serious cases can take longer.

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