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  • Urgent need for fosters at PACC

    Aug 19, 2021 | Read More News
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    mom dog with puppiesPima Animal Care Center urgently needs fosters for 100 big dogs. The shelter is out of space for incoming dogs. There are 1,537 pets in PACC’s care, with 749 at the shelter. PACC is taking in 80-100 pets every single day, while they are getting out around 20 fewer pets per day. 

    “We need people who can immediately foster or adopt dogs over 40 pounds,” said Monica Dangler, Director of Animal Services. “We have 530 large dogs currently at the shelter, but even with pairing up dogs that can be housed in one kennel, we are short kennel space.”

    The lack of space is due to a variety of reasons, including lost pet reports because of monsoon weather, dogs that prefer to be solo in the kennel, an influx of animals that are part of Animal Protection Services Investigations and can’t be adopted right away.

    Thanks to a partnership with Greater Good Charities, PACC will be getting some additional funds and donated items for this foster push. PACC provides vet care, crates, supplies, and food. If you can help foster a large dog, please sign up here

    Dangler said adopting or fostering a large dog right now will save many lives.

    “By fostering, you are helping that dog and the dog that will eventually need that kennel,” Dangler said. “We have no more kennels for large dogs and urgently need help today.”

    Another way to help the shelter is to hang onto those friendly, healthy lost pets that turn up in the neighborhood. They most likely belong to someone nearby. Many people have had success in reuniting pets with their owners by knocking on doors. Finders can file a “found” report by texting the word “FOUND” to (833) 552-0591. 

    People who cannot adopt or foster can make a donation to PACC’s official nonprofit partner, Friends of PACC. They are currently working to raise money for outreach efforts, the Safety Net Foster Program, Pet Support, stock fostering supplies, and more. Donations can be made at 

    Because of the large number of pets in the shelter, PACC has had to reduce the number of owner- surrender appointments. Pet owners who are not facing an immediate crisis will need to hold on to their pets for up to four weeks, and to surrender at a later date. For tips on re-homing a pet, please read the Pet Support Page.

    Due to the volume of calls and urgency in the shelter, PACC is prioritizing live adoptions, so non-emergency calls might be delayed. For specific questions about pets at PACC, adoptions or fostering, people should stop by the shelter in person. For emergency related calls, people can call the dispatch line at (520) 724-5900 and press 4.

    Pima Animal Care Center is open Monday to Friday, noon to 7 p.m., and 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. To see a list of available pets and services, head to