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  • DOT-57 Safety Improvements 1997 Bond Funded

    Total Cost: $296,849
    Project Number: CTR.4SAFTY
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF
    Completion Date:  January 2021
    Managing Dept.: Transportation

    Since 2007, the 4SAFTY project has been used as a holding account for DOT-57 funds.  These funds were shifted to CIP projects that specifically targeted safety, such as traffic signal and left turn lane installations, offset intersection corrections, and minor improvements to horizontal and vertical alignments to improve sight distance and vehicle control.

    Although there were direct charges to this project that included Pima County payroll and ADOT staff costs connected with the installation of HAWKs at Tanque Verde Road/Emily Gray Junior High School and Bowes Rd/Vallarta Rd, the DOT-57 funds in this program were primarily shifted to CIP safety projects.

    Recently, the department decided to transition from voter-authorized general obligation bond funding of capital improvement projects to a pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) program; as a result, 4SAFTY will be closed.