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  • It's Revision time for RWRD's Engineering Design, Specifications and Details for Construction Manual

    By Francisco Gallindo and Irene Barriga 

    The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (PCRWRD) is requesting a public review of the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department Engineering Design Standards, Specifications and Details for Construction 2021. 

    These revisions simplify and clarify the requirements of the Sewer General Notes, new RWRD Standard Details, revisions to scour detail, and minor editing of the 2016 Pima County RWRD Engineering Design Standards. Pipes

    RWRD’s Standards Committee, comprised of members of the engineering and construction community, and County staff, have worked on the revisions of the design and construction standards as part of their annual work plan. These standards are to go into effect by December 2021, and apply to ALL new submittals of tentative subdivision plats, development plans, landscaping plans, paving and grading plans, public sanitary sewer connections, and public sanitary sewer extensions. 

    The Design Standards for Public Sewers in Pima County have three primary goals: 
    • To attain a 100-year Service Life for sanitary sewer conveyance facilities prior to rehabilitation or replacement 
    • To access and maintain sanitary sewer conveyance facilities in a cost-effective manner
    • To keep roots, grease and other obstructions out of sanitary sewer conveyance facilities 

    The Design Standards provide the minimum criteria for the design of Public Sewage Conveyance facilities in Pima County. It is not intended that these standards be blindly applied in every application. There may be strong technical reasons why a particular standard is not appropriate for a given situation. In unique circumstances, creative engineering design, based on sound engineering principles, may meet the intent of the Standards. 

    The current Standards Committee Members include: 
    • Francisco Galindo – RWRD Engineering 
    • Lorenzo Hernandez – RWRD Field Engineering
    • Adam Bliven – RWRD Conveyance Capital Improvement Unit
    • Regina Beem – PSOMAS
    • Brian Janski – Hunter Contracting Co.
    • Corey Thompson – Rick Engineering Company, Inc.
    • Bruce Paton – Rick Engineering Company, Inc.
    • Support Staff – Charlie Suckow and Irene Barriga - RWRD Engineering

    Previous Standards Committee Members and Contributors:
    • Carol Johnson – RWRD Engineering
    • Mike Redmond – RWRD Conveyance
    • David Logue – RWRD Field Engineering
    • Bill Baker – Baker & Associates
    • Craig Cannizzaro – Westland Resources
    • Warren Thompson – Stantec 

    To date, RWRD staff reviewed comments received from the engineering community. Comments received were incorporated into the standards for clarifications and enhancement.  Significant changes from the 2016 version to 2021 version include:
    1. Removal of the formatting standards based on stakeholder input
    2. Use of C900 PVC Replacing DIP in certain instances – washes, dry utility separation, velocity >10fps
    3. DIP interior lining to be CIPP
    4. Temporary cleanouts for -phased subdivisions
    5. Use of 4’0 manholes for 12” and 15” pipes – limited application – one incoming/outgoing
    6. Stabilized surfaces width reduction from 16’ to 12’
    7. RWRD detail no. 113 – scour protection detail
    8. Internal drop manhole – deleted external drop manhole
    9. Depth required of sewers – 4’ to 3’ without variance. Case-by-case basis review

    The Standards Committee’s upcoming meeting schedule is comprised of the following presentations and discussions.
    • Release of RWRD standards draft to review – Friday, October 1, 2021 through Sunday, October 31, 2021
    • RWRAC meeting – Thursday, October 28, 2021
    • Board of Supervisors meeting – Tuesday, December 21, 2021
    • Implementation of Standards – Wednesday, December 29, 2021

    For more information and to review the 2021 Engineering Design Standards sections, visit the Pima County RWRD Design Standards, Specifications & Details webpage. 

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