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  • DOT-59 Arterial / Collector - Pavement Repair & Rehab, FY20

    Total Actual Cost: $6,535,828
    Project Number:  CTR.4PPP20
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF Bonds
    Completion Date: May 2021 
    Managing Dept.: Transportation
    Project Map:  County-wide

    Pima County operates and maintains over 1,700 miles of paved roads that vary in width from simple 2-lane rural roads to 6-lane divided urban thoroughfares. A roadway system of this magnitude is in continual need of maintenance, and utilizing various pavement preservation and repair measures helps mitigate deterioration and extend surface life. 

    Due to the amount of pavement preservation needed countywide, work was prioritized for this project and a plan implemented to complete other work in future years.  Mill and fill was used as the preservation method on 28.72 miles of road, which included four additional segments that were added to the list of roadways identified for repair in the project charter.

    Sarasota Blvd.pavement repair