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  • Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN)


    In 2008, a 25-year-old man led police and sheriff’s deputies on a zig-zag car chase that began on the northwest side of Tucson and ended on Mount Lemmon, with one Tucson Police officer fatally wounded and two Pima County Sheriff’s deputies injured.  Throughout that deadly chase, police and deputies weren’t able to talk to each other on the same radio frequency. The incident highlighted a serious flaw in emergency communications that has now been corrected. 

    The new Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN) system enables over 60 Public Safety and Public Service agencies from Tucson to Ajo, from Sahuarita to Mount Lemmon, and from the Rincon Valley to Avra Valley, to talk to each other by radio in real time on a single system, regardless of their jurisdiction boundaries.

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    PCWIN represents a quantum leap in technology and interoperability for the county’s law enforcement, fire service, and public works communities. For the first time the majority of the county’s public safety and public service organizations are united on a single state-of-the-art network and enjoy a 55-agency communications cooperative.  

    The PCWIN radio network incorporates standards-based Project 25, phase II digital technology. This highly robust system expands our County’s radio transmission capacity, extends radio coverage to some of the most remote parts of Pima County, and enhances the reliability of voice radio transmissions for its users. Radio calls are clearer and more understandable-especially inside buildings, a major limitation for the legacy systems. In large incidents multiple responding agencies are now able to talk to each other without swapping radios between supervisors. This leads to a better and more cohesive response to emergencies and could potentially save lives.
    PCWIN is governed by a Cooperative of member agencies. The governing board and committees meet regularly to develop policy and chart a strategic vision for interoperable communication in Pima County. Every member agency (large or small) has a voice in the collaborative effort to enhance communication. This collaborative style of leadership has led to improved relationships and increased understanding between its organizations and government entities-a win for the entire county.
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    Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN)
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