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Santa Cruz River: Irvington to Drexel (East Bank)

Project Background

This section of riverpark is currently owned and managed by the City of Tucson (City), and at this time the east bank is closed due to sinkholes, erosion, and irrigation issues that need to be addressed. An Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) was approved between the Flood Control District (District) and the City which set the terms of the transfer of the section of riverpark from the City to the County. Per the 2017 IGA, the District is responsible for the management, design, and funding of the Irvington to Drexel Upgraded Path contract. The City is responsible for the management and funding for construction of the improvements. Upon completion, the area would then transfer to the County for ongoing operation and maintenance. However, based on budget discussions between the District and City on this project and others within City limits, a change was made to the original IGA terms and the District is now responsible for the management and construction funding in lieu of additional contributions to the City's Downtown Links project.

Project Schedule

Design was completed in November, 2019, however due to budget discussions between the City and District, construction was ultimately paused during these discussions. After agreements by both jurisdictions, the project was then shelved until funds were available. This year there are funds to move these improvements forward and the project will be out to bid through Pima County Procurement processes in early 2022. In preparation for this project the District completed improvements at the existing Irvington underpass in February, 2020, by widening and creating additional clearance.

Project Plans

2019 Project Plans*
*Due to the duration that the plans were shelved during IGA discussions, some minor updates to the existing plans will need to be made. Those update plans will be posted once they’re reviewed and approved by the District.

Project Photos and Media

Project Photos