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  • Annual Enrollment FY 2019/20


    Annual Enrollment FY 2019/20

    April 29, 2019 - May 17, 2019

    Description: Annual Enrollment is the only time that you may make changes to your benefits without a qualifying family status event. In addition, you can: 
    • Certify your tobacco-free status
    • Update beneficiary and personal contact information

    Visit the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal
    Annual Enrollment Help Sheet.pdf

    Important Dates: Annual Enrollment: April 29 - May 17
    BeWell Presentations: April 3 - April 24
    BeWell Fairs: April 30 - May 15

      Recorded Presentation - Visit the BeWell Presentation webpage and click on the Recorded Presentations tab.

      Highlights: Here are some of the highlights for FY 2019/20 employee benefits:
      • NEW Short-term Disability benefit effective 4/1/2019
      • NEW medical benefits/wellness enhancements
      • EDS Dental rates increased slightly
      • No additional rate increases for all other benefits

      For more information on all of the benefits available to you and your family, please visit www.pima.gov/bewell.

      Things to keep in mind as we approach FY 2019/20:

      • You will need to certify your tobacco-free status for Discount #1 in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.
      • If you do not make any changes, all your current elected benefits (not including your tobacco-free certification) will carry-over for FY 2019/20.
      • Changes are effective July 1, 2019, and will be reflected in your July 12, 2019 paycheck.
      • If you are newly enrolled in the medical plan, you will be mailed a medical/Rx combo card before July 1, 2019.
      • If you are enrolled in the Health Savings Account (HSA), Pima County will fund your HSA on a bi-weekly basis based upon your level of coverage.

      Below are the benefits you can elect and/or change for FY2019/20 during Annual Enrollment. In addition, any new enhancements to the benefits and wellness offerings are also listed below.

      BeWell Presentations & Fairs

      BeWell PresentationPlease join us for our upcoming BeWell Annual Enrollment presentations to learn about the benefits and wellness opportunities available.

      BeWell Presentation Schedule: April 3 - 24
      BeWell Fair Schedule: April 30 - May 15

      Visit the BeWell Presentations webpage for a full schedule of upcoming workshops, webinars and recorded presentations.

      Medical and Pharmacy

      Medical Pima County offers employees a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with or without a Health Savings Account (HSA). The medical benefits are administered by Aetna and the pharmacy benefits are administered by CVS/caremark.

      Visit the Medical and Pharmacy webpage to learn more. 

      FY 2019/20 BeWell Benefits Guide Book

      Medical Benefit Plan Enhancements - FY 2019/20

      NEW medical plan enhancements covered at 100 percent based upon eligibility include:
      • Skin cancer screening
      • Calcium scoring with CT
      • Cardiovascular stress test
      • Ovarian cancer screening
      NEW medical plan enhancements covered with deductible and coinsurance:
      • Bariatric surgery
      Please contact Aetna Concierge at 1-800-784-3989 for details on eligibility guidelines.

      Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts

      WellnessCertain health choices may save money on your insurance premiums. By taking simple steps like being tobacco-free, completing the on-line health assessment, completing a preventive exam, or participating in other healthy lifestyle activities you’re making meaningful strides toward improved health.

      Discount #1: Be Tobacco Free

      To be eligible for Discount #1 you need to certify your tobacco free status during Annual Enrollment. Discounts will be awarded July 1st - June 30th.

      Tobacco free is defined as being tobacco free for at least the past three months. Tobacco use includes cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any other tobacco product. You will be asked to certify your tobacco free status once per year during annual enrollment.

    • Tobacco Cessation Support
    • HLPD#1 Tobacco Free FAQs
    • Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points

      To be eligible for Discount #2, you need to earn at least 50 points by participating in a variety of wellness programs, preventive exams/screenings, and/or wellness events throughout the year.

      There are three levels of points in which you can earn your Discount #2. Each category is worth $5 off your bi-weekly medical premiums for a total value of up to $15 per pay period.

      • Level 1 - 50 points: $5 total per pay period
      • Level 2 - 100 points: $10 total per period
      • Level 3 - 150+ points: $15 total per pay period

      To earn points toward this discount, please see the menu of wellness program options available for you to participate in throughout the year, by visiting the Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points webpage.

      Detailed instructions for Reviewing Your Progress Toward Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts (HLPDs)

      Short-term Disability - Lincoln Financial

      Short-term DisabilityNEW Pima County would like to introduce a new County-paid Short-term Disability benefit that will be administered by Lincoln Financial.

      The Short-term Disability benefit provides 66.67% of your weekly salary up to a maximum of $1,500 per week. There is a 14-calendar day (unpaid) waiting period from the date last worked. You must use your leave accruals during this waiting period. You may, but are not required to, use your accruals to supplement the remaining 33.33% of your salary. You may receive paid benefits for up to 24 weeks after the waiting period.    
      Eligibility Criteria:
      • Any employee who is benefits eligible (works 20 or more hours per week)
      • Has worked for the County 90 days in a benefits eligible position
      • Is unable to work due to their own illness, pregnancy, or injury
      • Is under the care of a licensed physician
      • Is unable to perform their job duties
      • Has satisfied a 14-calendar day elimination period
      Learn more by visiting the Short-term Disability webpage


      AFLACAFLAC benefits are available to Pima County Employees for Accident, Cancer, Hospital Confinement, and Short Term Disability. These supplemental benefits are 100% Employee funded.
      Visit the Voluntary Benefits webpage to view the information.

      If you have additional questions or would like to enroll, please contact:

      Sandra Sarff
      Office Phone: (520) 825-2254 
      Fax: (888) 744-8836
      7090 N. Oracle Road
      Tucson, AZ 85704
      Email:  Sandra_Sarff@us.aflac.com
      Website: AFLAC

      Additional Resources


      DentalPima County offers two dental plans. They are Employers Dental Services and Pima County Dental.

      Visit the Dental Insurance Plans webpage to view the information. 

      Comparison Dental Chart: Employers Dental Services (EDS) booklet


      VisionVision Care is an optional plan offered by Davis Vision that provides a comprehensive vision coverage.  The employee pays the full cost.

      Visit the Vision Insurance Coveragewebpage to view the information.

      Legal and Financial Planning Services

      LegalLegal and Financial Planning Services is optional and provides paid-in-full legal and financial planning services for the employee by an outside carrier, UltimateAdvisor®, administered by ARAG® Group. The employee pays the full cost.

      Phone: (800) 819-6010
      Phone For Members: (800) 247-4184
      Address: 500 Grand Avenue
      Des Moines, IA 50309
      Website: ARAG

      Additional Resources

    • ARAG Information Brochure 
    • Legal Risk Assessment Worksheet
    • ARAG Summary Plan Document
    • Employee Loan Program

      Kashable Introducing a low cost loan program called Kashable for Pima County employees. Kashable offers low cost loans via online application with instant decision and funds deposited directly to your bank account within three business days from approval.

      These personal loans can be used for any purpose, and are great resource for those looking to tackle high-interest debt or unexpected expenses during financial hardships.
      • Loan amounts up to $10,000
      • Interest rates starting as low as 6% APR*
      • 6 to 24 month repayment terms
      • Repayment through payroll deduction

      *To qualify for the lowest rate, applicant must have a responsible credit history.

      Learn more by visiting the Kashable Loan Program webpage.

      Customer Service  Phone Number: (646) 663-4353
      Customer Service Email support@kashable.com
      Registration Link: Kashable Application 
      Website: Kashable 

      Updating Beneficiaries

      BeneficiariesIt is important to elect a beneficiary and make sure your beneficiaries are up to date on all your Pima County benefits. Update information by login in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal.
      • It eliminates confusion and it saves time. By having a current beneficiary on all your accounts, you leave not doubt as to what you wish to be done with your hard-earned money or insurance proceeds. In the event of your death and you have not named a beneficiary, this will delay the transfer of funds. If there are final expense to be taken care of, the impact could be significant.
      • It helps ensure the financial wellness of your loved ones. This is particularly important when it comes to life insurance, where the main purpose is to provide money to help cover funeral expenses or to replace income.
      Please keep in mind that the life insurance company will not pay to a beneficiary before they reach the age of 18. Any amount payable to a minor will be paid to the minor's legal guardian. Consider establishing a trust or making specific arrangements for minor beneficiaries.
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