Director's View

By Jackson Jenkins

It’s hard to believe, but March is already here! 2022 is now in full swing, the weather is gradually getting warmer, and spring is just around the corner. This is a good time to take stock of our accomplishments, and we have a lot to take pride in here at our department. 

Our biogas treatment and delivery project out at Tres Ríos Water Reclamation Facility has been off to a terrific start. This is the first system of its kind in the state of Arizona, and our dedicated team at Tres Ríos has done a fantastic job keeping it running at nearly full capacity since the start of the year. 

My deepest thanks go to all of you who have been a part of this important project. A lot of hard work went into getting this concept off the ground, and it’s something we can truly be proud of. It’s the kind of innovation that our utility is known for. 

Every new innovation comes with its challenges, and we’ve never been shy about tackling those challenges. Our department has always been committed to fiscal responsibility; as you know, we have not had to raise user fees since April 2017. 

Currently, one of the biggest challenges we are facing is high inflation, which has increased the costs of many of the operations here at our utility. As we get closer to the end of the fiscal year, I remain confident that our smart stewardship of our financial resources will continue to serve us well in the future. 

I’d like to close on a more personal note. As we follow the dramatic events overseas, our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. I think this is a good time to hug your loved ones and take a moment to be thankful for everything we have. I’m proud to be your director, and I thank you for reading.