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  • Office of Health Equity

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    The Office of Health Equity actively works to address Racial, Ethnic, and Income Inequalities per our directive in Resolution 2020-92, including but not limited to addressing issues of ability, race, gender, and geographic locations; to address social determinants of health, health disparities and inequalities.


    • To achieve the vision of the healthiest county in the nation for all, is through intentional, respectful, and transparent community engagement. 

    Evidence-based decision-making 

    • Test, measure, and scale new ideas and approaches rooted in evidence that demonstrates effectiveness. 

    Health Equity 

    • Addressing inequities within our community, to create conditions that allow everyone to reach their best health outcomes. 


    • Create a shared understanding of what diversity, equity, inclusion and how inequities and unjust systems and structures impact our everyday work 
    • Build staff competency to engage and tackle issues such as unconscious bias, cultural competency, health equity, race, class, and privilege 
    • Ensure that resources, programs, grants are intentionally focused on filtering work through an equitable lens that is rooted in accountability 
    • Take action by advocating for public policies, internal systems, and structures that promote health equity 
    • Create an expectation that employees, community members, and contractors treat each other with dignity and respect that foster an inclusive culture regardless of race, residency status, gender identity, political affiliation, ability, and language.
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