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  • New Customer Portal Makes It Easier to Report Sewer Requests

    From unwanted sewer odors to beehives in manholes, there are numerous issues that Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department’s Conveyance Division staff may be called upon to resolve. 

    Thanks to a new customer service portal, it is now easier than ever for constituents to report those issues so that they can be resolved in a timely manner. 

    The new portal is located at https://sewerservicerequest.pima.gov, and it may be used by anyone who uses the sanitary sewer system within Pima County. It replaces previous feedback forms on the RWRD page that allowed the public to contact the department about odor and roach complaints. 

    The portal may be used to report any sewer-related issues, including: 
    • Roaches
    • Sewer odors
    • Bees in a manhole
    • Sanitary sewer overflows
    • Sewer blowouts
    • Vandalism
    • Defective or missing manhole covers
    • House connection sewer (HCS) issues

    Unlike many wastewater utilities in the United States, RWRD routinely treats the sewer system it manages to reduce the number of roaches. The department also works to mitigate odors that are emitted by the sewer system as well as individual treatment facilities. 

    The new portal is designed to be as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Users can register at the portal and create an individual profile, so that they can return to the page to view the progress of their service request. They can also opt to receive email updates to alert them to the latest status of their request.