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  • Kudos Corner: Customer appreciation

    Sometimes, residents reach out to let us know they appreciated the work our teams did. It's gratifying to receive kind words from the people we serve. 
    Road repair
    Here are some recent emails people have sent expressing their gratitude for repair and maintenance work done in their areas.

    Hidden Valley - Road Repair and Pavement Preservation
    "Thank You!  On behalf of the residents and neighbors of the Hidden Valley Area, we want to thank you for the nice, smooth roads recently paved in our neighborhood."

    Camino de Oeste and Lambert Lane - Road Repair and Pavement Preservation
    "Thank you! I wanted to thank you, and my car thanks you, for fixing the corner. I appreciate your promptness in doing this. Thanks again."  

    Bilby and Arrow roads
    "Thank You Mr. Felix!  The area is very nice and looks very beautiful.  Very happy with the trees that surround the home and the rocks that were put up.  It was done two days ago and appreciates the repairs.”