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  • Getting Internet Explorer 11 to work with MapGuide

    If you have a computer that came with Internet Explorer 11 or if your computer is upgraded to use the Internet Explorer 11 web browser, MapGuide requires two changes on your computer for MapGuide to work.

    No matter how you got Internet Explorer 11 on your machine, you need to make adjustments to get MapGuide working with Internet Explorer 11.  MapGuide does not work with other web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.  You need to continue to use Internet Explorer 11 for MapGuide.

    1. Set Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View mode for

    (Internal Pima County staff should skip this step, remove any existing Compatibility View setting for,  and proceed to step 3.)

    Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11 users, all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users need to use Desktop Internet Explorer 11's Compatibility Mode.  See the Internet Explorer Tools menu (or click Internet Explorer's Tools "gear" button in the upper right) and select "Compatibility View Settings".   Adding "" (without quotes) to the website list enables MapGuide. We also recommend that users uncheck the two boxes at the bottom of the Compatibility View Settings dialog to avoid potential problems experienced by some users.

    Once you have adjusted the Compatibility View settings:
    • Ensure that Internet Explorer's "Delete browsing history on exit" setting is unchecked. Select Tools, Internet Options, uncheck "Delete browsing history on exit" under the General tab, and click Apply. If you don't disable this setting, you will need to recreate your Compatibility View sites every time you launch Internet Explorer.
    • If starting MapGuide continues to ask you to set Compatibility View even after you've properly set it to, then Internet Explorer on your PC may be a non-standard variant. This is a rare situation and not likely to be a problem for you. Internet Explorer variants include obsolete MSN Explorer and AOL Explorer as well as the effects of malware such as browser hijacking.

    2. Add to Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites

    (Internal Pima County staff should skip this step and proceed to step 3.)

    Internet Explorer 11 requires adding to Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites for MapGuide to work. The small steps here are easy.

      Finding Internet Options


    1. Open Internet Explorer and pick the Tools icon that looks like a gear or flower at the far upper-right of the window.
    2. Pick Internet options from the displayed list of tools which displays a tabbed dialog box of Internet Options.

      Security Tab
    3. Pick the Security tab on the Internet Options dialog box.
    4. Pick the green Trusted Sites icon.
    5. Look at the Security Level for this zone setting. We recommend the default Medium for the security level setting.  MapGuide does not work with the High setting. If the security level is set to Custom, then pick the Custom level... button, scroll down to the Scripting section and set Active scripting to Enable.
    6. Pick the Sites button on the Internet Options dialog. This opens the the Trusted sites dialog.

    7. If you see  in the Websites large white box, click to select it and then remove it by clicking the Remove button.
    8. Verify that the small checkbox for "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" is NOT checked. If it's checked, click on the checkmark to clear the check.
    9. Delete whatever may be in the first white box labeled Add this website to the zone. Then enter  (nothing more) in that box.
    10. Click the Add button. If you get a popup error saying "Sites added to this zone must use the https:// prefix.", click on the checkmark in the small checkbox to remove the check and try again.

      See result and close
    11. You should now see added in the Websites large white box.

    12. Pick the Close button on the trusted sites dialog.
    13. Click the OK button to close the Internet Options dialog.

    3. Install the latest MapGuide Viewer version 6.5 SP1

    Most users can skip this step but may be prompted to install or upgrade their MapGuide Viewer when accessing a map.

    For new MapGuide users, accessing any MapGuide map such as the Main MapGuide Map, prompts you to install the needed MapGuide Viewer. If your computer already has the MapGuide Viewer installed and needs to be upgraded, then accessing any MapGuide map prompts you to upgrade.

    If you have trouble with the automatic installation prompts or prefer to do a manual installation, then download the MapGuide Viewer version installation file. It's generally best to choose the "Run" option to start the installation process after clicking the download link. Then follow the prompts to finish the installation. If you prefer, you can choose the "Save" option to download the installation file and then run the install by double-clicking the .EXE file you downloaded. Re-boot your computer after the installation finishes.

    You can check your MapGuide Viewer version, by opening any MapGuide map, right-clicking in the map area, and picking Help, Help About... from the right-click menu.  Look for "Version" or "Version"  in fine print on the right of the displayed popup.  Version 6.5 SP1 is variously identified as 6.5.6,,  or   There is no functional difference. If you see any other version, then you should upgrade.

    If the MapGuide map area is entirely blank...

    If the map area is entirely blank except for the title bar at the top, then see Your Internet Explorer cache settings may need to be adjusted... for the needed adjustments.

    If the MapGuide toolbar tools are "grayed out" at times...

    You may find the MapGuide toolbar tools (Select, Pan, Zoom, etc) are grayed out at times and don't work. Some users find this happens occasionally after map operations complete. If you have this problem, you can click anywhere in the legend or map area to make the toolbar work.

    Still not fixed?

    If you have Malwarebytes installed and it alerts you to an "exploit" starting MapGuide, then it needs to be configured.  In this case MapGuide also asks you to add to Internet Explorer's Trusted Sites every time you try to start MapGuide.  To resolve this problem, see Malwarebytes configuration instructions

    If Internet Explorer still crashes when starting MapGuide with Internet Explorer 11, malware may be the root of the problem. See "Adware or other malware may cause 'document.write' JavaScript gibberish to be displayed"

    If you still have a problem, see "Your Internet Explorer cache settings may need to be adjusted..."

    If after setting Compatibility View mode for "" as described above the system repeatedly asks you to set Compatibility View every time you try to start MapGuide (i.e. the map never works), then let us know by picking "Send Department Feedback" to the right of this page.  If the system asks you to set Compatibility View each time you start Internet Explorer and use MapGuide but the map works the next time in that Internet Explorer session, then see the "cache settings" link in the previous paragraph.

    If you get a message saying "You appear to be using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer..." or Internet Explorer keeps asking you to install the MapGuide Viewer,  review step 2 above again and see the 64-bit versions or modes of Internet Explorer... topic on our MapGuide Compatibility page.

    The changes on this page should make MapGuide work "like new" for you. If they don’t fix your problem, then pick "Send Department Feedback" to the right of this page to let us know more about your browser, what you are clicking on and what you see happen, including any displayed messages.

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