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    By Jackson Jenkins

    Well, we’ve reached the time of the year that every person in Pima County knows well. It’s the time when high temperatures coincide with monsoon season, which means that on any given day, we might see hot afternoons give way to sudden thunderstorms. Thus, I want to touch on the importance of practicing both heat safety and monsoon safety. 

    We’re seeing temperatures in excess of 100 degrees nearly every day, which means that you need to protect yourself from dehydration and heat-related illnesses whether or not you’re at work. Keep an eye on the temperature, and if you need to be outside during the hottest time of the day, make sure to stay hydrated and take regular breaks. 

    Keep in mind that the weather can change very quickly here in the desert. Check the weather report throughout the day, and remember to proceed with caution if you encounter rain. Pull over and let the storm pass if you need to, and never try to drive through a flooded road. Also keep an eye out for dust storms, which can impair your visibility while driving and put you at risk of an accident. 

    As you know, summer is also when we do our semi-annual Pillar Talks. I always look forward to these talks, as they give me the chance to share some fascinating information with you. They also provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and learn some things that you may not have known about our department. I hope you were able to attend one of these past eight Pillar Talks and that you found them interesting and informative. 

    Thank you for the hard work you continue to do for this department. Stay well, stay cool, and I’ll see you in August.