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  • Pima Animal Care Center holds first “tent sale” to reduce serious overcrowding

    May 05, 2014 | Read More News
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    Pima Animal Care Center is caring for 529 dogs in its shelter today – significantly over capacity for the 275 kennels available in the shelter and the commercial-grade tent adjacent to the building. We’re far too crowded, right in the middle of puppy season.none

    So we’re holding our first-ever “tent sale!” Every one of the great pets in our tent will be free all week! And on Mother’s Day, May 11, every one of our dogs and cats throughout the entire shelter will be free as well, for those families hoping to bring a new four-legged companion into their households.

    Studies have determined that successful adoptions do not require the payment of a fee, finding no difference in attachment and commitment based on whether owners paid for their pet or were granted a fee waiver. And Pima Animal Care Center has a great adoption team, with a new process that is even more effective at pinpointing successful matches!

    Our pets leave here licensed, microchipped and spayed or neutered. For adult dogs, a $15 licensing fee still applies. Licensing is the law, but it also is the single best way to help us reunite you with your pet if he or she ever gets lost.

    Plus, stay posted all summer long for great adoption events, starting June 1 as we kick off our goal of finding homes for 5,000 pets by August 31! As we compete with 49 shelters throughout the country, meeting our goal not only means we’re giving more pets second chances at love and security, but could mean additional financial resources for our shelter as we expand medical treatment for our pets!

    As our community’s only open-admission shelter, we care for about 24,000 pets annually, taking in every lost, abandoned or ailing pet that comes to us. For more information, please visit