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  • Injunctions Against Workplace Harassment

    The Injunction Against Workplace Harassment is very similar to an "Injunction Against Harassment." There are two basic differences between the regular injunction against harassment and the workplace injunction. A person petitions for a regular injunction, while a business or employer petitions for a workplace injunction. Also, a regular injunction protects and follows a person, whereas a workplace injunction protects a location and protects the business or employer, employees and any other person who enters the protected property.

    The person filing the injunction is called the plaintiff. The person against whom the order is filed is called the defendant. A petition may be filed through the AZPOINT (Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool) website.

    After 5:00 p.m. weekdays, or at any time on a weekend or holiday, an emergency injunction against harassment can be filed by contacting the Sahuarita Police Department (520-344-7000) or the Pima County Sheriff's Department (520-547-6711). In case of an emergency call 911.

    What happens if the injunction is granted?

    If the judge grants the injunction, a member of the clerk's staff will complete the paperwork for you. The defendant must be served with the injunction before it becomes effective. Court staff will explain how to have the defendant served. While there is no fee for filing an injunction there is a fee for having it served. Once an order has been served, it will be in effect for twelve (12) months. It is important to keep a copy of the injunction with you at all times.

    The defendant may file a Request for Hearing to contest, change or modify the order. Court staff will then schedule a hearing and all parties will be notified. The location of the hearing will be determined by the location of the plaintiff's residence, either city or county. The court will mail a copy of the notice of hearing to you specifying the location, date and time of the hearing.

    The court will mail a copy of the notice of hearing to you specifying the location, date and time of the hearing.

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