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  • Defendant Instructions

    Once you have been served with the Complaint you have twenty (20) calendar days to file your answer with the Court.  If you are served by certified mail, the twenty (20) days begins when you sign the green certified mail postcard. If the date on the green certified mail postcard is missing or illegible, the time begins when the plaintiff files the return receipt with the court.

    Complete this section of the form that reads,

     "I do not owe the plaintiff because: ___________".

    Sign and date the form where provided.  Complete the Certificate of Service information requested on this section of the form.


    File a copy of your answer with the Green Valley Justice Court and pay the required filing fee.  If you do not answer and pay the filing fee within the 20-day time period, the plaintiff may file for a judgment by default.

    FILE COUNTER-CLAIM (if applicable)

    If you have a claim for money against the plaintiff, you may file a counterclaim at the same time as you file your answer. Counterclaim forms are available at the court.  There is no fee to file a counterclaim. On the form, list the amount the plaintiff owes and why.
    Write the date of mailing on the last page of the answer/counterclaim.