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  • Offline Field Reports for Solar

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    Offline Field Reports are a new way for Solar Contractors to get an inspection without having to wait for an inspector, appointment, or following a specific route. Just follow the easy steps outlined below to get started. 

    How to

    Click here to see how to submit an Offline Field Report (OFR).
    Click here to see a sample of important photos.

    PV Inspections - Effective March 01, 2023

    All residential roof-top mounted solar inspections shall be submitted using the Vuspex Offline Field Report (OFR) Process. MPU's, taps, and adaptor installs associated with a PV installation may still schedule a virtual Vuspex inspection for clearance. It will be the goal of Development Services to review submitted OFR's within 24 hours, results may be verified by visiting permits.pima.gov. An example of important images to include can be found here.

    Download the APP

    Scan Here

    Get Started

    1. Tap the "New Field Report" button.

    Open the Vuspex Go Application on your mobile device. You'll be prompted to title your submittal.

    2. Capture short videos or images in Vuspex Go App.

    On the next screen tap the "Add photos & videos" button, this will open the Vuspex camera and allow the user to capture short videos and photos.

    (Note: Photos and videos from your devices library may not be uploaded.)

    See sample photos here.

    3. Fill in the Pima County permit information.

    Add any comments or descriptions to your submittal. Provide the approved Pima County permit information and desired inspection. 


    4. Confirm submittal information.

    The next screen will be a summary of your submittal. Verify the information is correct.

    4. Submit your inspection.

    The inspection has been saved to the device. Tap the "Send to the Inspector" button to submit your inspection to our staff for review.

    (Note: Please allow 24 hours for our staff to review your inspection. Results may be verified by visiting permits.pima.gov.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Did I pass my inspection?

    see inspection results under "View Inspection Summary" at permits.pima.gov. The help guide shows how.

    Who do I call for trouble logging in to Vuspex?

    Email: support@vuspex.com
    Call: (844) 288-7739 Ext. 2
    Text: (844) 288-7739
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